• My First Prostate Orgasm

    I want to take everyone back. Think back to the first time you discovered your prostate could give you intense pleasure or a mind blowing orgasm. Think back to the first time it was touched, was it your finger, a toy or a partner? Do you remember the unfamiliar feeling of feeling of having something internal touched? Im going to go back to the first time I experienced prostate play. Honestly for me its kind a benchmark I used as I began my journey.
    My first time was with a former girlfriend, she was adventurous to say the least. She found an article written in cosmo or somewhere like that talking about how to give your man a prostate orgasm. She asked my about trying it out. My first response was no, you’r not doing anything with my butt. She gave me a little bribe and I said ok, let’s try this. We planned it out to a degree, mainly to make sure I was fully prepped down there. She bought one of those bulb cleansers they sell at the sex stores and some thick lube. I prepped according to her instructions, I noticed the prep didn’t feel bad, and wasn’t as weird as I figured it would be.
    She did an amazing job of making sure I was fully aroused, relaxed and ready when the time came. We started off, making out, she put her breasts in my face and slipped me inside of her just enough to be a tease. I told her I was ready, and I was, at-least as ready as I could be.
    The rest of this is going to be in fairly great detail.

    I laid down on my back, She went over my body, make sure to touch and tease all the was down to my waist. She avoided any further touching of my penis. She fondled my sack with her hand, then began touching my perineum, she then moved down to lightly touching the outside of my anus. She lubbed up her finger and began working in small circular motions with increasing pressure. It felt amazing, she began kissing my sack as she slipped her finger inside. I thought to myself holyshit this feels good. She began moving her finger to locate my prostate. I knew as soon as she touched it, and she knew as well. She began going in a small circle with her finger on my prostate, I began to leak prostate fluid. I could feel the pressure of my prostate being swollen, that deep inside pressure, pleasure type feeling, The I feel kinda like I have to pee feeling. She kept going, she tried the come hither motion. She remarked that I must be enjoying myself, she noticed I was making a mess and moving my hips. I didn’t last much longer, I produced the most toe curling intense orgasm of my life.

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      Mr. Nuts

      12/22/2021at9:53 am

      Just three words for ya… “You lucky bastard!”

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