• My first bllog entry

    I came to bed. My wife was already in bed, resting. I politely suggested that I would like to try out my Aneros Helix again, and continue my experiment. I didn't ask for any participation, just permission to give it a go and continue my experiment.
    First, I got all my supplies. Then I began my mindfulness meditation. Got very comfortable and warm in bed, under the warm duvet. Then once I was really warm and really relaxed, I began. I prepared "the area" with a proper amount of lubrication. I lubricated the Helix. And slid it in.
    I took the time to become comfortable. I became aware of the Helix inside. I continued my mindfulness meditation, focusing on the breath, and I became totally relaxed and warm and focused with no distractions. No sounds. No visual distractions. Completely quiet. At peace. Very Quiet. I slowed my breathing way way down. Then once comfortable, I began my muscle contractions. I lay on my back and gently move a big pillow under my lower-back, with my knees bent and my feet flat on the bed. I begin my contractions and releasing, in sync with my breathing. I thrust my hips up and down with my contractions and breathing rhythm. I breath in, contract, raise hips. Hold. Breath out, release lower hips. Pause. Then repeat. Not too forceful. Gently. Very gently. Just getting into a rhythm. In sync with my breathing and my contractions. I do a "set", Nice and slow, breathing in and out slowly, focusing on the breath and focusing on the contractions.
    Then after my set, I consciously tell my body to relax. Just fully relax with no contractions or hip movement, but continued deep breathing. In and out. In and out. Breathing. Focusing on the breath. Just like regular mindfulness meditation.
    Then it happened. Boom. Whammo. I didn't force it. I just kept telling my body to relax. Holy smokes! It hit me like a freight train. I guess my muscles simply wanted to continue the rhythm of contracting and releasing. The involuntary spasms began and the Helix began dancing inside me. I entered complete ecstacy. I let out a moan and moved uncontrollably. I quivered. I twitched. I spasm'd. All of that. I don't remember the exact order or the timing, but it all happened, and I felt pure ecstasy. The Aneros Helix Syn continued to dance inside me as my my muscles went into involuntary contraction. It really was pure bliss. My breathing became erratic and no longer smooth rhythmic breathing. My wife, who was simply an observer, helped me re-gain my breathing. She coached me along and got my breathing back on track.
    I "came down" and again, I focused on just fully relaxing. I didn't do much other than just focus on my breath and practice my mindfulness meditation techniques, and relaxed my body.
    After a few minutes, boom, it all starts again. Whammo, and I'm into full-blown orgasm, again! Where the hell did that come from? How did this happen? Again I began quivering, and my contractions began as the aneros danced inside me.
    It all happened again. And again. And again. Every now and then, between orgasms, I refreshed the lubrication and kept enjoying the ecstasy. I drifted in and out, between a sleep-state and orgasmic-ecstasy.
    I've read some other blogs, and I think some guys might just be trying too hard. It seems to me that some guys might be forcing the contractions, trying to "bring on" the climax. If I do that, then nothing happens. I have to fully relax. Focus on my breathing and focus on my contractions and do a set, and then I fully relax. Absolutely fully relax. And let it hits me like a wave in the ocean.
    So, that's a recent experience and my first blog entry.

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      03/04/2016at12:35 pm

      You might find that following such a long session you may have some aftershock effects. I'd be curious to hear about them as well.

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