• My Fantasy During A Less

    I was on my own last night, as J and my daughter went out to see a movie. They have become movie partners going to see chick flicks that I have no patience for. It is good for them both to have a close person to indulge their female entertainment predilections. I was left home to walk the dog and get on line to indulge my prurient male erotic tendencies.
    I couldn’t find any on line friends to chat with so I indulged myself and got on Porn Hub, which I haven’t done in weeks. After two hours of searching favorite fantasies such as female bondage orgasm, sensual hand jobs, male milking, sybian orgasm, cunnilingus and cum shots I was significantly aroused. The rigid lump in my pants had made my underpants so wet it was soaking through. By ten o’clock I gave up and decided to go take a shower before J got home. While I was in the shower she returned with my daughter. As I shaved she stuck her head in the bathroom and told me that she was back and they were just getting something to eat.
    Writing erotica or viewing particular genres of porn will ramp up my arousal and leave my cock in a state of dripping constant semi erection. That was the way I was when I exited the shower. I got into bed and began to read a book I was half way through. It was of course erotic fiction, the second book in a series from a female writer that I really like. Needless to say it amplified the echoes of sexual need that were ringing in my pelvis and making my cock rigid. So when J finally came to bed we put the lights out and cuddled as we were both too tired to even fuck, forget about making love.
    However, laying there together, her scent and feel kept the flames of my desire sufficiently fanned that I fell asleep with an erection that was pleasantly throbbing. The difference between me as a mid 60 male and a 20 year old male is that the younger me would have been driven to masturbate by the erection that tormented me. The mature me savors the heavy erection that throbs between my thighs and makes my anus twitch. I relish the feelings of arousal that fill my body and my head.
    It was very pleasant to lay there relaxed on my back with my soft sexy wife resting against my naked body . My cock was cantilevered erect over my abdomen, drooling clear warm pre cum onto my skin. The precum felt warm on my belly where it landed but felt cool as it ran down my side. As I drifted off to hazy blue relaxation flashes of erotic fantasies flickered in and out of my waning consciousness like dwindling colors in the sky during an advancing sunset. I knew that an A Less session as in the cards for that night.
    The dreams that followed were a mélange of non erotic but intimate fantasies. They were the kind of dreams that made me feel really good as I had them and they resonated warm feelings when I awoke at 1:30 AM to find J still cuddled against me. My erection was semi rigid like a crouched sprinter at a starting line of a race.
    My body was in that rare and wonderful state that is perfect for prostate pleasure. My muscles were all relaxed and warm, radiating a sense of sweet sensual repose yet my cock was en route to full scale aroused rigidity. My anus was tingling and my nipples were two hardened nubs that crackled with sexual electricity. My mind was at peace bathed in sensual quiet. Being careful not to lose my warm sensual repose I searched my store of images of women I knew seeking out a perfect target for a fantasy tryst. Just the act of imaging the bodies of various women I knew was sufficient to make my streaming precum renew its drooling. As my cock began to harden the precum was suspended from my slit by a long string of its own making. I was still on my back )I am a back sleeper(.
    Then my memory latched onto two images, one of M, a work acquaintance who happens to live in our town and whom I had met and conversed with earlier in the day. She is a friend of J’s and mine. She is a mid 40’s woman, about 5’6” with very dark curly hair a very sexy Mediterranean appearance and a body to kill for. I recalled from our meeting earlier that day seeing her first from a distance. M has incredible tits. They are not breasts, they are tits, full and heavy and slightly pendulous. When I meet her on Main Street as I did that day she never fails to harden my cock. The other was of meeting A in the park the day earlier. A is a college aged girl who is a friend’s daughter. She was at the park at the lake kayaking.
    That particular day M was wearing a horizontal stripped shirt and tight khaki shorts that accentuated her ass and showed off her full vulva without being vulgar, however if it had been vulgar I would have found it even more arousing. A was wearing a very skimpy thin nylon bikini that clung to her like a second skin. It barely covered her very shapely ass and left absolutely nothing to the imagination. She is what I would call lithe and feminine and not as curvy as M. Recalling these two very different but equally sexy girls sent a wave of sexual arousal rippling through my body so that when it reached my cock it gripped it and pulled it to full erection. The resulting pulsing throb was matched by an echoing throb in my anus and deep inside my anal canal by a shuddering twitch of my prostate. The sleeping sexual animal inside me was awakening.
    As kaleidoscopic images of their asses, vulvas and bared tits rolled in my minds eye I placed myself in fantasy scenerios of laying naked with them both and savoring their sensually seductive feminine charms. Visions of suckling nipples of these two known women and spooning them with my cock nestled in their asses as I reached around them to fondle their vaginas and masturbate them made my cock throb and ache with lust.
    Rolling over to my right J accommodated me by rolling to her right allowing me to spoon her and access her own sexy bared ass with my now rock hard penis. The warm caress of her derriere grasping my twitchy cockhead sent my anus into immediate convulsive pleasure spasms. Like a lewd metronome it began to open and shut rhythmically as it sent deep hard orgasmic waves deep into my anal canal. Those exquisitely erotic sensations grew in intensity as they coaxed my prostate to succumb to its own salvo of pleasure spasms. The synergy of internal prostate convulsions and external anal spasms caused my perineum to constrict and ripple with agonizing ecstasy as my cock lurched an sipensed a warm stream of clear precum in J’s crack.
    As I projected lewder and more graphic fantasies of performing cunnilingus on both of these women and envisioning my cock nestled in their asses, I drifted on waves of anal ecstasy. My anal track and cock were being tormented by waves of pulsing pleasure that lifted me to an altered state of being. Iamges of these two naked women in vulgar intimacy intermingled with a reality check of embracing my own sexy J with my cock in her ass caused explosive spasms to make my cock lurch as they tugged on my prostate deep in my anal tract. As I floated on the crests of waves of orgasmic bliss my anal canal shuddered and convulsed under the total control the orgasms that were drilling into me.
    I slid my hand under J’s tee shirt and caressed her breast in my hand. In my mind it was M’s breast as she lay in my bed illicitly pairing with me in lewd forbidden intimacy. Then an image of A massaging my anus with her finger as she kissed my cockhead caused the orgasmic spasms to syncopate and trill. Putting my finger on my left nipple I brushed it ever so slightly with butterfly softness. Each touch ignited a set of rapid fire convulsions of my anus. Son I was playing my nipple like it was a musical instrument, each touch triggering perverse pleasure in my anus.
    The images flowed in and out of my thoughts causing hard pleasure to seize my cock and twist my anus. The distraction of J’s eloquently sexy rear holding my cock as it jerked and danced in time to the erotic music in my head was the only thing that pulled my thoughts away from the voluptuous imagery of the two highly erotic women in my mind. Burying my face in J’s hair I gave myself permission to experience the chilling heat of sexually induced rapture. Holding her in the security of my bed savoring the intimate connection of the sensitive skin of my cock head in the warmth of her derriere inspired me to drift in serene orgasmic solitude, allowing the orgasms to control my sexual anatomy like a puppet master. I was left helpless dangling at the end of an orgasmic string as I shuddered in orgasmic bliss.
    For 90 minutes I toggled my nipples, breathed into the orgasms and shuddered as orgasmic spasms gripped my body and sucked on my cock.
    When it was over I awoke with an erection that has resonated with me for the rest of the day. I am sure that I will be seeing M again in the next week. Part of me wants to tell her of the fantasy I had of her, but I know better.
    Although I wonder ………………………………………………….

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