• My experiences

    I received my classic in the mail yesterday and had a great session so I thought I would start a blog to share my experiences with others.
    After using a MGX for a while and not getting super great experiences I ordered and received my classic yesterday. I had to order from HIH since this model is not offered at aneros anymore but hey I still got what I needed.
    After taking it out of the box and examining it, I gave it a good cleaning with warm water and soap. Then I used a higginson syringe to clean myself out. Just two pumps as to not get up into the colon.
    I laid a towel down on the bed and lubed up my classic, interior canal and exterior anus with aneros sessions lube. I used about 3ml inside and 2 for exterior and classic.
    Trying something new, the do nothing approach I just laid there on my back with a pillow folded in half under my butt and breathed. I did this for about 10-15 min. Then I grabbed my phone and started reading some erotic stories I liked, while continuing breathing. After just 5 min I started to feel twitching. The classic started moving with the twitching which seemed to be in sync with my breathing.
    After a little while of this I just relaxed and let the classic just hang there. This brought on some very light but nice sensations right on the rim of my anus. It was really light but very nice feeling. After giving this feeling a little while I did some slight contractions which I tried to hold for about 2-3 deep breaths. This brough back the twitching so I did that a few times, then just went to focusing on the feelings and relaxed again. I did notice that when I was getting to some of the juicier parts of the stories I was reading I would get erect and more twitching and sensations coming in waves. Somewhere around hour 1 I really started getting some great waves of pleasure coming though my body. It started with the prostate and would climb to my penis moving all the way up to my adbomen. These were some of the best feelings I have ever had. These feelings continued for about 15-20 min. After which they died off, which could have been due to me not focusing on my breathing, reading, or who knows what. So I started all over with some slight contractions and was able to get some twitching and good feelings but not the great waves I had before.
    So I switched to my DeVice around 1.5 in my session. Free time was running out and I wanted to see what this bigger toy could do. I found/remembered how good it felt with just sliding the tip of this toy in and out. It was a turn on, my anus and rectum was so relaxed and lubed it I started just enjoying sliding the tip in and out.
    So after getting turned on by this I let the device just slide on in. It immediately started putting pressure on my prostate. I let it rest for a while to see what it would do, but I jsut sat there with pressure on my p spot. So I started slow contractions which felt great. I could feel it move across my p spot and it was amazing. I wanted so bad to just touch my self and blow a load but I held back. After 20 min I could not take it anymore. I had to start touching my penis and what didn't take long was for me to blow the biggest load of cum I think I have ever done. This is odd considering the day before me and my wife had sex, so there was not a reserve built up.
    After cumming I jsut laid there and enjoyed the pleasures that I had coming all over my body. It was amazing waves of pleasure.
    So I cleaned up after the waves stopped and went to the living room and watched some tv. I felt as if my body was wore out but at the same time I was alive with energy.
    While sitting there watching tv for the next 30-45 min after the session I was still feeling these pleasure waves or pleasure energy all over my body it was great. I felt as if I just had the biggest orgasam ever and it was just lingering. I loved it.
    Well that was my session yesterday, I'm taking a break for today but tomorrow I can't wait to have another go at it. I'm sticking to a 2-3 times a week schedule to see what all I can make of this and to try and train myself to just let it happen and not touch my penis which is really really hard not to do.

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