• My Experience of a Super O

    Three nights ago I sustained one of the most intense tempo sessions I have ever done. It started at 3 am from having gone to sleep with my tempo inserted. The tempo session was two and a half hours of hard relentless anal spasms and deep prostate orgasms and cock lurching pleasure. When I pulled the tempo from my anus it made a wet sucking pop; my desperate orifice did not want to release it. Yet even though the invasive stimulation that tickled and teased my prostate into shuddering – convulsive exquisite pleasure was removed, the sensually pleasurable waves of orgasmic bliss continued to subtly resonate deep in my anal tract.
    So with the tempo in my hand, still warm and slimy from its penetration of my orgasmic hole, my anus and anal tract begged for more. I am weak when it comes to MMO. I have never been able to say no. So I relinquished any hope of getting any sleep and jumped back in to ride the waves of orgasms to the shore. When it was finally over the sun was up and it was 6:30 AM. I went on with my day tired but aroused.
    The following two days I was exhausted from having gotten no sleep that night. I did no sessions those nights even though I woke up at the normal time I do them, between 3 -4 AM. I was too tired to stay awake. So last night when I was in the chat room, I commented to Euph and several others that tonight was going to be a night a rousing session. I went to bed without inserting my favorites, my peridise or tempo. If I did a session it was to be a less session. Less sessions are more subtle and mellow than aneros sessions for me, I felt like savoring the sweet succor of slow extended orgasm.
    So when I removed my robe fresh from the shower with a semi erect cock tingling with anticipation and climbed into bed naked and sexually amped up, I knew that a rewarding session would visit me some time during the night and grasp my cock and tease my anus. Sure enough at 4 M I awoke with a stone hard cock and the familiar hunger deep in my anal tract. It was the sweet fingers of pending MMO reaching deep into my anus and teasing my prostate. With its entreaty to come visit, I rolled on my side and pressed my desperately hard cockhead into the divinely sexy cleft of my wife’s ass cheeks. The siren like caress of her warm anal opening kissing my cockhead drew the first rippling spasm from my own anus. My pleasure hole spasm gently in response to the sweet sensation of erotic warmth that caressed my aching cockhead. Soon that spasm invited other s and the thumping dance of MMO had begun.
    I often invoke favorite fantasies before and during sessions. They are the fuel that powers resonating pleasure deep in my anal canal and in my groin. So last night as the waves of bliss gently lapped on my anal opening I put the erotic kaleidoscope to my mind’s eye and I looked at the lurid images. What I saw was the familiar sexy sight of my wifes pussy distended around the base of my cock, grinding back and forth summoning her own erotic joy to erupt and contract on my rigid flesh spike deep inside her cunt. The erotic vision of my wife’s down fringed dewy cunt hole sucking on my cock like it was a sweet lollipop then morphed into the forbidden vision of a college aged young female family friend naked straddling my hips with my turgid penis buried deep in her young wet tight pussy. She was writhing in orgasmic ecstasy as waves of cock inspired pleasure rippled deep into her cunt. In response she was now the one whose young cunt was distended by the rude penetration of my hot needy lust hardened penis. As she writhed and shuddered on my manly spike, she harvested the hot semen from me, her pussy gulping it with relish as I pumped it into her. The image of hurling hot cum into the sexy cunt hole of an innocent was almost too much to enfure.
    Those images provided the needed inspiration to drive the building orgasm deep into my anal canal to seek the welcoming destination of my arousal swelled prostate. As my rigid gland began its convulsive spasms the chiming echoes of blissful sensation that resulted radiated throughout my perineum and pelvis. The divinely erotic urgency of those echoes was both a lugubriously thick balm on my mental state and a desperate teasing sensation of sensual pleasure that was rhythmically squeezing my prostate, contracting and releasing my anus and tugging mercilessly on my cock root. The later was making my cock lurch underneath me, as it was pressed between my abdomen and my wife’s anus. The sensual friction of my cockhead against the soft smooth skin in her derriere from each lurch, only served to taunt my anus into another series of pleasure waves. The cycle began again, with the kaleidoscope of lurid fantasy in my mind returning to the vision of that sweet young cunt impaled by the wicked self gratifying invasion of my rigid cock. This time it was I who was lying on top of her grinding my pubic bone against hers as I probed the sweet mystery of her secret feminine soul with my vulgar masculine spear. Finding the warm wet passion deep in her again I bathed it with my own creamy nectar as I imagined I came in her yet once more.
    The lurid vision combined with my timed breathing and subtle nipple stimulation turned up the volume on the orgasmic symphony that was chiming and thumping deep inside me. The 1,2 – 3 rhythmic pumping and convulsing that was moving from my anus to my prostate and perineum and eventually to my cock root became a raid beating 1-2, 1-2, 1-2 between my anus and my prostate with a reverberating tingle on my cockhead.
    The pleasure was getting very intense. I feared that I would wake my wife so I pulled away from her and slid to my side of the bed. Laying on my stomach I pressed my semi erect precum wetted cockhead against the mattress. Stealing some of my honey on my finger I spread the clear sweet lube on my rigid left nipple. The resulting sensation can only be described as a fizzing tingle that danced in my anal opening and then took a plunge deep into my asshole to seek my already convulsing prostate. The resulting sensation was pure white hot orgasmic energy, unfiltered by any organ in my body. It was sheer pleasure unwrapped and quivering with passion and desire.
    My prostate shrieked in the throes of agonizing ecstasy. The convulsive orgasm spasms deep inside of my anal canal became recurring tsunamis of thunderous erotic pleasure. My pelvis was consumed by an inferno of orgasmic sensation. My perineum, cockroot, anus, prostate and cockhead were screaming in the anguish of ruthless pleasure. The kaleidoscope turned again and the convulsive spasms sped up to morph into a single clenched spasm of sustained orgasmic rapture. My whole body shuddered as I struggled to endure the intense pleasure that was spewing from my anus.
    The lurid fantasy play in my head continued amidst the body twisting pleasure that was penetrating my anus. That anal bliss and the sustained chiming echo of erotic rapture that I was gripped by forced me to envision my anus as a receptacle for the most beautiful cock I could image. My anus was sucking on that cock endeavoring to harvest the hot creamy semen from it. The vision of a cock impaling my snus as I was suspended in the anguish of sweet orgasmic rapture, kick started my orgasm to return to waves of pulsing – pumping anguish.
    I breathed 5-10 deep rapid breaths and then stopped allowing my anus to suck in the energy. The pulsing convulsions followed in a well choreographed dance. I maintained my cadence like breathing and waiting for the pounding echoes of orgasm . In an elaborate dance I courted the pleasure convulsions allowing them to clench my anus, tug at my cock root and send chills of exquisite sensation to pulse in my perineum and up my spine. I was shrouded in divine sensation. After intensifying chains of ecstatic convulsions I was thrust headlong into the sensual arms of sustained orgasmic tension as my body trembled undethe cruxhing weight of erotic rapture. They MMO continued the pattern of speeding up and culminating in the crescendo of sustained agonizing rapture for two hours.
    When it was over there was a large wet spot under me from the copious precum that leaked from my anguished cock. My anus was tingling and my arousal was desperate. Despite the profound need I felt to ejaculate, I came down here to record the sequence of events in as muchg detail as I could before I forgot it.
    It is 3 hours later and the sinuous grasp of arousal is still tugging at my semni erect cock and is reaching deep in my anal canal teasing my prostate. I love it.

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