• My Christmas present to myself. (out of order)

    This is out of order since I am just now getting around to finishing editing. I Have had a really good vacation. Best in a long time.

    I purchased the progasm jr & peridise kit. They both came in today, Friday 12/28. I am super excited about these and couldn’t wait to try the jr. Up to this point I have never had any real involuntary contractions, just muscle fluttering from trying to induce so these new pleasure tools should be interesting.

    I got everything washed / cleaned up and took a good look at the progasm jr first. So smooth and shiny but also looks kind of intimidating because of the size since the helix has been the largest I’ve had in 25 years. Prepped and joined with my new friend. I followed the process outlined for the progasm doing the scoop motion to join, my friend slid in so easily. Wasn’t in for 10 seconds when involuntary started promptly causing it to be pushed out before I knew it. This is going to be fun. A quick rinse & relube w/ a few drops before rejoining, again sliding so easily. I am defiantly going to polish all my others to that glass smooth finish since it is forcing me to hold some contraction to maintain the integrity of the joining which is inducing involuntary contractions, unlike the mgx or helix that just stay put although mgx will start to slide out if I stay relaxed when standing, ie going pee.

    Been joined for about 1 hr now and jr has locked in as nicely as helix while laying down on my back. I got a good 45 minutes of involuntary’s from holding him in slightly and than they tapered off but I can still feel and see my heart beat in my lower stomach along with my cock slightly growing and shrinking at times. A nice tingle deep with in my belly has persisted since joining. This has been a pleasant ride so far. I’m going to go try the larger of the 2 peridise. I found when getting up jr decided he wanted out before I did. Almost dropped him again. Defiantly need to work on my muscle strength

    Joined w/ peridise. Started off strangely not wanting to be pulled in more than half way between the 2 smaller globes, not enough lube on the shaft perhaps? Once it finally got sucked up where it wanted it kind of disappeared, almost like it wasn’t in any more but once I started to walk around I could feel this wonderful tingle in the tip of my cock. In saying that I think that jr is hitting way high on my prostate, not that that is a bad thing, just a different sensation unlike the peridise that is I think just kissing the bottom of my prostate on full pull, like when I do a deep tissue massage. Sitting is a trip, the muscles just start to flutter with just a slight amount of contraction and I can feel the head of the peridise bouncing around but will stop if I fully relax. I’m having a hard time maintaining just the right amount of contraction to keep them going but that will come with time. I know understand what is meant when people say don’t fight the involuntariness’s, relax and let them happen. I’ve never had this with either mgx or helix and I didn’t have to do anything w/ jr they just happened.

    Involuntary’s stopped on the larger peridise so I decided to swap out for the smaller one. Took a bit but the involuntary’s started back up, although I’m having to hold about a 50% to keep them going though.

    Decided to go back to the new guy since I couldn’t keep the contractions going any more. This time when I joined he did not try to dismount but instead found his positioning and settled in for a bit of getting to know each other. After about an hour of doing nothing but feeling jr moving in/out with each breath an orgasm started to well up. My legs started to get hot than turned icy cold while the orgasm was flowing over my body. This faded away after a few seconds.

    Conclusion so far on my new pleasure tools.

    Jr does fit in quite nicely. Nestles in next to my prostate like it was molded to fit me. Filling but no discomfort. I can feel it moving around ever so slightly from the muscles feeling & writhing around this new tool, hell just thinking about the afternoons ride is making me excited. My cock is starting to grow slightly.

    The peridise, well I’m not sure on these yet. The involuntary’s felt good but no pleasurable sensations per say. Could this be like stimulating the prostate? Need to allow time for the brain to understand that these sensations are pleasurable also?


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      01/02/2019at3:11 am

      @somebody, I am glad you have gotten some additional pleasure tools for your Aneros sessions. Progasm Jr is awesome despite its fairly small size. Maybe someday you can get Progasm Classic or Progasm ICE to add to your Aneros stable!

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      01/03/2019at2:52 am

      I really love the glass smooth feel of the progasm jr. I was able to join so easily, just slid in with the slightest amount of pressure. Just like when your lover is sloppy wet and your cock glides in to the hilt in one gentle thrust as you are going down for a kiss and she is letting out a slow inhaling AAAHHH…..

      I have started to polish the helix and got it quite smooth but not like glass yet but I can already feel the difference. She does join a little easier and I can feel her glide along my prostate so much more. I also want to polish up the peridise’s as well, I think it will help me with the way they move to hopefully get those involuntary’s going because as of right now if I don’t do some type of contraction and hold it, nothing seems to happen. I don’t even sense the smooth muscles “feeling” for it. Maybe that’s what I should do, nothing, just let it sit there till my body decides to start to feel for it.

      I know based on the stated measurements the jr is not much larger than the helix but it does look formidable only based on the design shape. I am interested in trying the ice but think I will hold off till I am more consistent with reaching o’s using my current stable of pleasure tools.

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