• My Body Craves it

    Hi guys. As I type this waves is running through my body with out a device inside me. I have not had a progasm or helix syn ride in 2 weeks. I have been getting p waves constantly through out the day. At work, home just relaxing even on the toilet.
    I took this break cause my last ride with my prgasm ice hurt my rectum and made it sore. I rode for 7 hours and was sitting on it. I was horned up and was very foolish and my ass took the blame. So I have never really took a extensive break before so here was my chance to not ride for a while or until I healed. So I was just masturbating which was nice and having great loads but afterwards my body would go into overdrive and p waves will just shoot through my body like I got electrocuted by 100 volts. Then after shocks came right after. I wasn't eve hard anymore but the sensation was still there in my body. They eventually died down and I was able to go to sleep.
    So I decided to hold off on the masturbation too. I would take 3 & 4 days off and boom it would happen again. So the first week of not riding was non existence cause it felt like I was with the a-less rides I was having after my hold offs from masturbating. So this week I have not touched or even looked at my dick or ass lol. All weekend just explosive shock waves ran through me. Nipples stayed hard. Now in the mid west the weather has drastically changed and it has gotten cold but this started from my heart that ran to my groin, arms, legs, fingers and ass.
    It took ever strength not to just whip him out and skeet and pour my love juices all over the floor. I stayed off porn and kept the dirty thoughts to a minimal. I am off of work on Mondays so I just stayed in my bed all day trying to hide the boners from mom. But today was a trying day. I work at a daycare. I know! there's this one dad who drops his son off every morning. He is so sexy I mean head to toe and I see his bulge from the jogging pants he wears. (he's a morning runner yes we converse cause i love to hear him speak he has been the image of a few of my sessions) As soon as he said my name I almost fell to the ground cause a sharp shock of pleasure ran from my heart to my balls. and I quivered a little. I just coughed to play it off.
    That whole day and now I just have been wanted to ride something. I mean right now I got involuntaries running rapid in my belly. There intense too. I listened to @brine recorded session and almost lost it. But the wait will make me a stronger rider and these a-less sessions are keeping me rewired and I am still a learning newbie so I will see what else this body will do to me.

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