• My Aneros Team[s]

    Hi guys,
    In the nearly two years that I have know about the Aneros, I have purchased just about every model of the Aneros there is, except for the Peridese, Muze, Tempo, and Vice models which tend to be on the expensive side. The Evi, which is still rather new, was made specifically for women.
    I enjoy personifying and sexualizing my Aneros models. Doing that just fuels the sexual arousal I need for my Aneros sessions. Each model in my rather extensive collection does have a sexual charge. Personalizing each one of my Aneros models that way lets me know that they are members of my very special team for pleasure and fun, needed for successful Anerosing.
    Here in the USA, our obsession for team sports began in earnest during Civil War. Baseball as we know it had its origin in a game played by both Federal and Confederate soldiers.
    American football teams tend to divide their players into such teams as starters, reserves, and special teams. The best players may play on the starting team; more mediocre, inactive players will tend to sit on the bench during games as reserves; and then are players on special teams.
    In Major League Baseball, perhaps also in the minors and Little League, all players have a chance to come to bat in rotation at each game, at least ideally.
    So that is how I approach my Aneros models in my collection. They could either play baseball or football :-) They are damn sexy either way.
    On my back bencher or inactive team are MGX, Helix Classic (mostly), and Eupho Classic. I have used them at least once and they work well. Perhaps these models will play with me some day soon when I Aneros at night. I believe they are prime candidates for that. Now that we are entering the summer season, I may try to sleep with these models, certainly those on my first team.
    But my Aneros First Team are regulars at bat in most my sessions in the following order:
    Helix Syn — Progasm Junior — Progasm Ice — Progasm Classic — Maximus — Progasm Black Ice.
    They work very well together in this order, and as a team, they are leading me forward in the Anerosing that just gets better and better, I guess, like good sex with a partner that you love.
    Helix Syn introduced me to Anerosing early June 2012. He inserted so easily during my first session then. He was so reassuring with his gentle touch. His gentleness delivered me my very first P-waves just three weeks later and even my very first walkinggasm that day! But it was a couple months ago in late April this year that I began discovering for myself Alex_xxx's Shallow Breathing Method along with the Aneros Tug-of-War Technique which enabled me to enter into Helix Syn's gentle massage with awesome results. Helix Syn is now (at least presently) my preferred model for opening my sessions.
    Helix Syn, I found out, works very well with Progasm Junior, my latest addition to my First Team. Progasm Junior, which is the smaller version of both Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice models, touches and massages my prostate directly. He is my newest star player! I may devote as much as 90 minutes with these two models together. They prepare me very well for my larger Aneros models.
    Likewise, both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic also work together well. At least since the beginning of this year, I have enjoyed these two buddies together. Progasm Ice delivers my prostate and anal canal a sleek massage, whereas Progasm Classic delivers a much more full-body, robust traction. I receive both tough and tender loving from these two esteemed buddies.
    Maximus by his sheer length and girth even reaches around the full length of my prostate and thus gives my prostate a thorough massage. Maximus in a sense stands alone here, but he works so well with my two Progasm buddies, that they are my awesome threesome which just I love and adore!
    I end my sessions these days with Progasm Black Ice. Yes, he replicates mostly the action that his brother, Progasm Ice, delivers. But Progasm Black Ice is such a beauty. I am seldom disappointed by this good buddy. He works in such a way that I can't wait to come back for more!
    I do not anticipate expanding my collection of Aneros models much now. However, I have heard such good things about the newly arrived model, Eupho Syn, that I may purchase very soon, along with Progasm Classic in Red, which Aneros.com sells rather cheaply. Hence, I can have Progasm Classic in red, white, and blue, in time for Independence Day, July 4, 2013!
    One final thing. Both techniques of Aneros shallow breathing and tug-of-war have enabled me to focus on the subtleties of textures of Aneros sensation in my sessions now. Hence, my Aneros autof**k strokes are long and slow. All this delivers me tons of pleasure now. All this may lead me to my first Super-O very soon!
    Take care!
    [Composed initially on June 20, 2013, with many subsequent revisions]

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