• My Aneros Autof**k is now liquid f**k motion!

    Hi guys,
    I want to say that my Aneros sessions recently do not use as many models as I used in sessions for a real long time. So now, I may use just four models: Helix Syn, Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm. These four models have become in many ways my mainstays in most of my sessions in the last month or so. Yes, Tempo is a very recent model to my Aneros lineup, but he deserves to be put in the forefront with the other three models. All these four models have won their keep in this forefront.
    The Tempo, along with the Peridise, have taught so much about Aneros rhythm. They have taught me about the Aneros autof**k like nothing before. In the last couple months, my sessions have taken a quantum leap.
    The other catalyst and ingredient for this transformation is my discovery of the lying on my right side in the fetal position. This Aneros position, like no other is really good for the do-nothing technique in Anerosing because this position is so passive. Hence what I discovered this morning for sure in an utmost way is the Aneros autof**k just for what it is. My Aneros autof**k now is so automatic and is absolute free motion. I call my Aneros autof**k, liquid f**k motion. It is amazing to lie on my right now and just feel this stroking going on inside me over and over again without hindrance, or prompting, just in and out liquid motion so effortlessly. Absolutely awesome!
    I do not know when I will experience my first Super-O. I really do not care now. I go into all my sessions with the intention of having fun and pleasure! The Super-O's, dry O's, and MMO's will come in their proper time. Take care.
    Aneros autof**k liquid pleasure!
    Here is the version which I posted on Aneros Forum just now:
    Hi guys,
    This is a digest, perhaps an expansion of my Aneros blog which I posted several hours ago today.
    Those of you who know me, have noticed that I achieved a quantum leap in my Aneros sessions when I began using both Peridise and Tempo in my sessions just after last Thanksgiving. Both these models have taught me Aneros rhythm. Both these models have showed me what Aneros autof**king is all about.
    About a month ago, I finally discovered the Aneros position of lying on my right side in the fetal position. But it was @ineverknew who suggested that I lie in that position with my right leg straight down and my left leg hooked. That in itself is a further, definite improvement.
    Now this position and its variation is a position suggested in the Aneros instructions. It is a passive position, ideal for the do-nothing approach in Anerosing. Wow! What feelings of sweetness was produced without the rough ride from my Aneros models that I had experienced for such a long time. This position works very well with all my Aneros models, especially Maximus and Progasm Classic. And boy, I have fallen love again with these big bruiser f**kers!
    However this morning, I experienced something even newer and more exciting. My Aneros tools produce an autof**k so automatic, so smooth, so sweet, and with such liquid Aneros pleasure! No, I didn't ejaculate semen, didn't have a wet orgasm, but something much better, a sexual sweetness that right now as I write this that is causing my groin, scrotum, perineum, anal musculature, and prostate to quiver with excitement and pleasure!
    When I think of the Aneros autof**k tonight, I am a horndog for the Aneros! What better St Valentine's Day gift for a guy like me!

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