• Multiple super O morning

    Long time no blog!
    Nothing to report but the mundan I am afraid.
    I have had many sessions mostly reasonable to good with helix or progasm ice.
    I have neglected the eupho until now.
    She always brings new surprises after a spell.
    I fell asleep about 2am this morning with my eupho in. I had had her in since 11pm and she was going great.
    She gently worked me until I was asleep and then early about 5am I stirred a little. The eupho was still at it and within a half hour I was having multiple super Os. They were sweet explosions like fireworks in my body and made me moan softly into my pillow. A great way to start any day. This is the first time this has happened like this in the morning. I think I have had a super O but never many in a row.
    For me, super O is a real let down of the word. There is no thrashing about in uncontrollable ecstasy, however the pleasure is subtle and sweet and very enjoyable still. Enough for me to always crave it. I took the eupho out for a few hours to rest.
    REST yeah right as soon as I took her out the anerosless session started and for another first I had super Os without a aneros in and there was several to.
    They were more full body feeling than with a aneros in and sweeter than ever. There was a definite wave to them.
    After a few hours I got up and then put the progasm ice in and went back to bed. Totally different feel, every ride with this thing.
    Some days it is huge and ridged and or-quid others days like today it becomes part of of me.
    All I feel is sliding pleasure and massage. I dont feel the tabs but they are gently applying pressure and creating pleasure as well. I dont even feel stretched I just feel really excited down there.I really crave days like this,its heaven.
    I could be here all day the progasm feels so nice today but I am sure I will start to get sore ater hours of play.

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      02/19/2013at10:22 pm

      All I can say, braveneworld, is wow! You are one lucky man!

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