• Multiple dry Os

    I finally managed to get my hands on a Lelo Hugo and its been 3/3 great multiple dry O sessions from the start!

    While I have alot to speak about my new toy, I won’t be going into too much detail on the Hugo and risk turning it into an advertisement haha. It has been a very successful prostate massager for me, but more interestingly, I would like to post about how I got to the point of multiple dry orgasms because for most people, cranking up the vibrations alone isn’t the only factor in reaching prostate orgasms.

    I haven’t achieved any dry Os from a vibrating prostate massager before this but I can identify a few factors that have helped bring me over to orgasm territory.

    Firstly, I managed to purchase on of those full body stockings that encapsulates the entire body and face. It feels great!

    With the prostate massager turned on, and the suit encasing my entire body, I begin fantasizing about a domina trapping me and only allowing me to escape once I cum.

    With the mind set, I beging rubbing my nipples and the rest follows. It works every time…hehe.

    Within the hour, I had over 10 dry orgasms. Checking every now and then for a wet spot because I’m pretty sure I ejaclated but there was none. The last orgasm came late, the Hugo was vibrating on a high setting and I was rubbing my nipples for 30 seconds but nothing was happening. Within the next few seconds, the orgasm came.

    I finished off the session with a traditional O. I noticed that there was a clear difference between a prostate based O and a traditional O. The traditional one has 2 parts, the pleasure part and the release/relief part from all the built up tension, with many muscles being engaged. The prostate O for me, feels like it is centered at the base and behind the penis – kinda where the prostate is. This orgasm has only the pleasure part. There is no release/relief part because the pleasure is not drowned out by the penis ejaculating.


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