• Multi-Orgasmic Bliss

    I would like to share my Aneros journey so far. I’m 49 and since I was a teenager I have masturbated regularly. During my life I have tried many techniques and sex toys and I have even made my own toys. About 12 years ago I discovered the world of erotic hypnosis and I became more or less hooked on it. I developed the ability to have hands free ejaculatory orgasms almost every session. It’s all about arousal and relaxation of your body and mind at the same time.

    I read about male multiple orgasms and I really wanted to experience that too. I started blocking ejaculations but the constant edging and cooling down was too hard for me. I came too easy and I could not separate the orgasm from the ejaculation. About four years ago I got interested in prostate orgasms instead. I came across Aneros and I ordered a Helix Syn. I liked the feeling of having the Helix inside of me and it felt good to do the contraction excercises and massage the prostate. However, when finishing myself off, the pressure on my prostate was too much and the ejaculatory orgasm was even a little uncomfortable. I eventually lost my interest because I had no success of ever being close to a prostate orgasm and my Helix was left in the wardrobe for more than three years until this week.

    I have recently become bored of the same erotic hypnosis audio files and I started training on having hands free ejaculatory orgasms without any external stimulation. Four days ago I remembered my Helix and I thought that maybe it could help amplifying the arousal. I put it in and rediscovered the nice feeling of having it inside of me. I relaxed my body as I do during erotic hypnosis sessions and I let myself become more and more aroused. I noticed the subtle feelings of the Helix moving slightly inside of me and I let my arousal build up until I had a hands free ejaculatory orgasm. And yes, the feeling of arousal was amplified by the Helix and the ejaculatory orgasm was not uncomfortable.

    I decided to use my Helix again the next evening. I put it in and relaxed. I didn’t do any contraction exercises this time either. I just let the arousal become stronger and stronger. I was waiting for the hands free ejaculatory orgasm to occur when I suddenly had a completely different feeling. I experienced my first dry orgasm and I continued to orgasm for more than an hour. Countless small ones and big ones came and went! Exhausted, I finally went to the bathroom and when I sat down on the toilet I had another strong orgasm and the Helix popped out of me. I finished myself off and I had a powerful ejaculatory orgasm.

    I rediscovered the Aneros forum and Wiki and found answers to almost all my questions about prostate orgasms. The next evening I wanted to try again and I orgasmed for more than an hour. Finally I went to the bathroom and when standing there I came again and again, this time without the Helix popping out. I finished myself off again but this time the ejaculatory orgasm was a bit dull and I had an empty feeling afterwards. I thought maybe I should let my body rest for a couple of days.

    Of course I could not rest from these blissful experiences and I did it all over again last night. I just wanted to relax, enjoy and let the arousal build up. This time I did the contraction excercises but I had some difficulties reaching the orgasmic level lying down, so I stood up and I went to the bathroom. The dry orgams started when I was standing there. This time the Helix popped out again. I reinserted it a few times but eventually I gave up and I thought that was it. When standing there I noticed I was still aroused. I let the arousal grow and I experienced several anerosless orgasms! I started showering and I came many times during soaping up, when the water was running down my body and when I towelled myself. However, this time I didn’t finish myself off with an ejaculatory orgasm. For the first time ever I felt sexually satisfied without an ejaculation.

    Finally I stood naked in front of the mirror and I even came several times just by looking at myself. This is quite extraordinary, because normally I don’t like looking at myself in the mirror due to my weak self-confidence. This time I could look at myself without any negative feelings. Something strange has indeed happened to me! I certainly have discovered a new reality. I’m happy being multi-orgasmic and I look forward to experiencing a Super-O. I know it will take some time to get there but I’m confident it will eventually happen. I’m in no hurry.

    I’m happy with my Helix and I really love the design, the shape, the color, the material, everything about it. I can’t believe what joy it has brought me! I want to take the next steps on my Aneros journey and try different prostate massagers. I noticed there is now a Trident version of the Helix and I really would like to have that one too. However, I ordered a Progasm Jr. and I look forward to the bigger size and the differently shaped head. I can’t wait for having wonderful new experiences! My prostate has truly been awakened!

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