• Multi-Orgasmic Bliss – Part VI – Rewired

    Sunday morning! I woke up and I noticed that my penis was semi-erect. I touched it gently and I felt the rush of arousal. After emptying the bladder and the bowels and washing myself I went back to bed. Lying there naked on my back with my legs spread and my arms gently by my side I let the arousal build until I could feel it everywhere in my body. My nipples pulsated but I resisted the urge to touch them. I took a deep breath imagining the moment before orgasm and off I went.

    After a few dry orgasms I started touching the erogenous zones of my body. My orgasms became more and more intense as I touched my hips, my inner thighs, my belly and my breasts, but I still left out my sensitive nipples. I touched my penis and balls and I continued to orgasm without ejaculation.

    I noticed my scrotum was very tense, just like it normally is moments prior to ejaculation, but I did not ejaculate, no matter how strong my orgasms were. I guess I am completely rewired now, almost as if I have forgot how to ejaculate. My brain does not simply send those signals to the muscles that send the sperms into the vas deferens carrying them away from the testicles to the ejaculatory duct and urethra. All other orgasmic contractions seem to happen but not that specific contraction you feel when you go beyond the point of no return and start ejaculating. I can describe my dry orgasms as a pump running dry, except all that nice precum, that is being pumped out.

    Finally I touched my nipples and my body exploded into such a strong orgasm I have never experienced before. I did that three times and then I just stopped. I was so sexually satisfied that I did not need to continue. This session was really short, only half an hour, but oh, it was such an amazing end!

    After a session ending with an ejaculation I normally feel tired, a little down or even awkward, but after a session of prostate orgasms only, there are no such feelings. Instead I feel very fresh and rejuvenated! I read a little about semen retention and I’m willing to take that path down my journey now. Five days in so far without ejaculation, let’s see how far I can go!


    • simplepenguin

      06/29/2020at11:32 am

      that is extraordinary, congrats. Really fantastic. How many days will it be?

      I’m experimenting with controlled semen release after lots of edging. Not sure how often it’s needed but it’s needed as I don’t otherwise ejaculate, as I practice non-ejaculatory sex with my wife. It’s really going to be interesting.

    • Avatar for TPanero


      07/09/2020at8:20 am

      I start out my sessions with a mirror – wanting to watch myself get off, But early on I have to close my eyes because the sessions are so intense. When I orgasm (multiple times) and finally open my eyes I can’t believe that I haven’t shot loads of cum everywhere.

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