• Multi-Orgasmic Bliss – Part V

    Friday! I finished my job early at my home office and I turned off the computer and my work phone. I had been horny all day waiting for the next session playing with my prostate. It was a horniness deep inside and I felt that my prostate really wanted some attention after four days of rest.

    I prepared the session and took off my clothes. I chose the Progasm because I wanted something girthy this time. It filled me up nicely and I just “did” the “do-nothing” and waited for the orgasms to start. They did start, but I felt a little discomfort during the contractions. Finally my ass protested and pushed the Progasm out. What a dud session so far.

    Well, I did not want the session to end like that. I chose another girthy prostate massager (of another brand) and I inserted it instead. It seems like this one fits my anal anatomy much better and there was no discomfort anymore. I lied on my back and the massager started autofucking me harder and harder. While orgasming I moaned heavily. Suddenly my nipples craved for attention and I started touching them gently. My orgasms became stronger and stronger and my moaning became louder and louder. The Super-O:s was finally so strong that I was screaming of pleasure!! The next morning my throat was still sore!

    Later on at night I still felt horny and I decided to have another go. I wanted the Eupho Syn Trident badly and I started orgasming in less than two minutes after insertion. I lied on my back and I touched my hips, my inner thighs, my belly and my breasts while orgasming. It felt so nice! Suddenly my penis and balls craved for attention. I know you should not touch them during a prostate massage session, but this time I could not resist.

    I noticed that my prostate was not disturbed at all by the sensations from touching the penis or the balls. I had the same nice feelings as touching my other erogenous zones. I continued orgasming while stroking my semi-erect penis and touching my soft balls. I was never close to an ejaculation, even though I massaged the most sensitive part, the frenulum, while fully erect. Incredible! I stroke my penis, orgasmed, stroke it again and orgasmed, again and again. In between I touched my other erogenous zones and especially my nipples. I can’t believe that a few month’s ago I used to avoid touching them at all, because they are so sensitive. Now it is pure pleasure touching them.

    The session lasted for more than two hours. I did not count the orgasms, but there must have been more than a hundred! At some points in the session I had two or even three orgasms a minute! This was by far the most intense masturbatory experience in my life! What a Friday night!!

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