• Multi-Orgasmic Bliss – Part III

    It’s time to sum up the last couple of weeks of experiencing prostate and anal pleasures. It’s been an amazing start on a new journey discovering new aspects of my sexuality.

    Two weeks ago, on a dull Wednesday night, I remembered that I had bought an Aneros device a few years ago. Back then I was not mature enough to discover the potential pleasures it could bring. Yes, it did feel nice to have something inside my ass, but I never experienced the strong sexual feelings that I read about in the forum. That Wednesday night two weeks ago I wanted to enhance the feeling of a handsfree (ejaculatory) orgasm and I picked the Helix out from my wardrobe where it has been unused for a few years. When I inserted it, I remembered the nice feeling of having it inside and after a while I could let go and enjoy the handsfree (ejaculatory) orgasm. The prostate massager did enhance the orgasm and I thought that this device will definitely be a part of my autoerotic pleasures from now on. Little did I now, that the very next day I would experience male multiple orgasms for more than an hour!

    Since that orgasmic Thursday night my libido has been very strong and I am totally focused on learning more about male multiple orgasms. I bought another Aneros device, the Progasm Jr. and that one enhanced my prostate and anal pleasures even more. Yesterday a MGX Syn Trident arrived and it was very nice to use the modified version of the original One! My orgasms have now become even deeper and I’m now close to having full body orgasms. I can now see the light in the tunnel of actually reaching the Super-O. After the MGX session last night I orgasmed several times while resting and showering, even though in my mind I was done for the night. Clearly I am orgasm sensitive for quite a while after a session, once I have reached that orgasmic plateau.

    Last week I told my wife about my new ability and at first she was a bit sceptical. We had intercourse and I could climax many times without ejaculation. She was quite amazed! I convinced her that we should add anal play into our sex life to spice things up. She didn’t reject the idea, even though she is concerned about hygiene. Anyhow, we ordered a strap-on harness and a dildo for her to use on me. I’m looking forward to new sexual adventures!


    • Avatar for Mercury


      06/03/2020at9:07 am

      Congratulations on your success. I’m not sure that I’ve achieved the full body orgasms I’ve read about on the forum. However I’m very pleased with my progress.

    • simplepenguin

      06/25/2020at4:08 pm

      This is extraordinary about multiple os with your wife without ejaculation. Thank you for writing this.

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