• Mr. Moon

    He showed up so quietly. Didn't think I was gonna be having an visitors this late at night. Oh but he is here and he just gave me a hell of a ride. We always seem to miss each other in time but something in the stars must have aligned to make this beautiful moment happen.
    So as I was coming back from the shower to have sleep time i saw this glow outside my window. I open the blinds and who do I see shining bright like a diamond. Mr. Moon. He is so big and strong and clearly was looking for a good time. So since we always seem to miss each other the other times he has shown up I thought tonight has to be the night.
    I was rocking one of my newest thongs and pulled out Mr. Ice and oil and got to work. I just layed there as the progasm ice was guided by Mr. Moon. Oh he showed my hole and prostate so much love tonight I'm still getting tingles an after shocks. Had a amazing cum shot all over my chest with full body orgasms fueling the whole ride. I have read about the moon sending off this kind of indescribable waves but that would be a understatement. I feel so good right now. Its like the moon grew arms and was shoving the progasm into my inviting hole and my prostate was accepting it so rough so graciously.
    Now as the clouds hide him away for next time I will have this blog and the memories to remind me of the great feeling that I just had. I rode for 20 minutes and only jerked my dick a few pumps and boom explosion of love juice everywhere. I loved it and I an't stop smiling. So glade I'm of tomorrow because i will need time to recuperate from this. Best feeling ever.

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