• Mr. Helix

    Hey guys. Before I start just wanted to say that I think I have become a addicted to masturbation. I have been trying to keep dry but with these crazy waves of pleasure that run through my body through out the day. I just have to release. But I have gotten a lot better. I have been three days dry with no touching. My jock straps have really come in handy when I ride.
    OK back to my original thoughts lol
    So I haven't slept with any of my devices in a while so I say hey let me go on a ride to Utopia again so I can fell free. So I took a shower, cleaned out, lubed up got in bed with jockstrap on and slide Mr. Helix in. Now I have not played with Mr. Helix for a couple of days so he kind of was showing me extra love as I rode him.
    My calm music is playing and instantly I get these jolts of pleasure in my back. So much pleasure that every time it hit me I arched in my bed. It's like I almost was levitating in my room. It felt so amazing and this new feeling is something that Mr. Helix was showing making me want to never have a break from him again.
    Series of mini o's began to run through my body. I breathe in through my nose and blow out deeply out my mouth while contracting. Every time I did that more waves, more calm sea's would happen. I was moaning and stirring in my bed. The pillows sheet ended on the floor with just me a shaking orgasming body enjoy the fun I was having.
    The super o's were mind blowing. So mind blowing that i couldn't fall a sleep. I was just riding and riding and riding to the point that my body was not slowing down or resting. I held a orgasm for at least 6 minutes. As soon as I thought one was coming to a end another would be chasing right behind it. I wanted to sleep with it in but as time flew I knew there was not going to be any sleeping while my prostate was up and ready for what ever. I remember I could sleep with my helix and wake up to a beautiful orgasm and it was the best alarm clock ever. But now I can only ride for a few hours cause afters I just be ready to explode. But I'm still dry. Three days. Yay me. I'm going away with family so I know no riding there so wish me good luck on my journey.

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