• moving in the right direction

    It has been a week since my last session. I think most of my problems are i am always sneaking around trying to find a moment when no one is home. The problem with that is in the back of my mind i am always thinking about someone coming home and finding me in bed in the middle of the day or at some other unusual time. If i hear a neighbors car door close i think its at my house and get up. Not good. I have been making progress however and have really been able to concentrate and be aware of my prostrate and feelings in between sessions a-less. Last night i decided to have a session in bed with my wife there. She thinks i use the aneros for health purposes in fact she got me started on it years ago from a article she had read. So with her there and knowing what i was doing there was no stress about being caught. It had been a week since my last session and release so i was ready to go. Since iwas so relaxed and not distracted the session started out great. I was relaxed in minutes and warm sensations and light pulsing was happening frequently. It felt so good i fell asleep. I woke up about a half hour later and laid on my back and pulled my legs up and tried a few contractions I could not get the warm feelings and pulsing back. I re lubed and tried some more but I was two hours in now and it was getting late so I pulled out and went to sleep. I woke up two hours later with a hard on, i put my hand down to feel and it was rock hard. i had used coconut oil during the session so the residual was stillon my perenium and in my ass crack. i rubbed my perenium snd could feel my cock shaft base hard all the way to the root started rubbing the cocunut oil from my ass crack up the perenium and was lightly coating my cock. I could not believe how hard I was. It was 2 am i should be sleeping. i peeled back the covers and started stroking away.could not believe how hard i was and how long i was lasting. I had a T shirt on and i finally blasted a load like i could not believe. Peeled the shirt off and laid back and went to sleep. The next morning i picked up the shirt from the floor it had a streak of wet cum from my collar all the way down to the bottom with a big pool at the bottom. It must have been a huge load. If nothing else the Aneros sessions are improving blood flow, feelings and increasing pleasure down there. Now that I feel comfortable having a session while my wife is in the room i think good things are on the way. She was not feeling well andslept through the whole thing. going to take a break for a few days feeling it today a little. good luck to all!

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