• More Progress

    Last night I started with Progasm, and was getting some of the best sensations I have had all time.
    after about 30 minutes, it seemed to lose mobility. I was using silicone lube with a coating of vaseline.
    so I took it out and went to sleep.

    About two hours later I woke up having some spasms, so I put it back in and rolled on my right side with my knees drawn up.
    I then started getting massive rapid thrusting motion, which went on for several minutes
    before tapering off only to return after about a minute. This cycle continued for 10 minutes or more before I got exhausted and removed the tool. The feeling was quite enjoyable.
    Back to sleep until about 4AM, when i decided to put in the helix. I spent the next hour enjoying much more of the same sensations and included some nipple action as well.
    All in all, this was the best outing I’ve had and I believe the experiences are improving each time.

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