• More on Rewiring

    In all my blog writing and my memoir – novel I have referred to my rewiring many many times. I would have to say that rewiring is without a doubt the most transformative thing that has happened to me in my adult life. I had heard guys talk about it in the Aneros Forum when I first joined this site 8 years ago, but I didn’t really comprehend what it would mean for me when it happened to me.
    The process of being rewired is akin to finding a switch in my body and turning it on. At the same time that my sexual apparatus is awakened the switch resets the sexual responses of my body.
    Perhaps the most amazing result has been the way it altered my mind and sense of eroticism. Rewiring intensified my sexual interests and characteristics, creating new ones, and altering my perceptions, and desires. I rewired myself 7 years ago when I learned how to have prostate orgasms using an Aneros massager, as my skill grew to achieving A less orgasms I practiced every night and deepened the impact of rewiring. Awakening my prostate awakened my sexual brain and created the new sexuality that has enriched me at this mature point in my life; it has made me a much more erotic, sexual and sensual man.
    Accomplishing my first multiple anal orgasm took me about six months accomplish. In the initial phase of my anal orgasm practice I followed a lengthy preparation of my anal tract to accept the insertion of a prostate massager. Once I was comfortable with the physical aspects of anal penetration for pleasure I had to prepare my mind to accept sexual pleasure from anal penetration and the experience of male multiple orgasms from the stimulation that the massager provided. It took multiple attempts and was very frustrating but when it clicked after six months the pleasure blossomed and continued to grow. With an awakened prostate the rewiring process was set in motion. For me it is important to understand that rewiring was not a one and done experience like being “knighted”. For me rewiring is an evolution tht is still going on to this day. Each day my sense of the erotic and the impact of eroticism on me is changing.
    My perceptions of sexuality changed, what arouses me changes, and how I experience orgasm changes. Sexual pleasure is on my mind constantly and I am finding more and more things erotically pleasurable, my arousal is in a constant state of flux. I see J and all women in a new sensual light and I treat them differently. Sometimes women are a huge turn on for me; other times an erect cock hardens my own. I became a sensual man, relishing erotic sensations, sounds, experiences and smells. My sense of smell became acutely sensitive.
    Having that first prostate orgasm was but a baby step on a long journey in which many lessons needed to be learned and new mental and body muscles had to be discovered and awakened, controlled and guided. Each of the thousands of orgasmic sessions I have had since that first one has been different just as no one session ever delivers the same orgasmic experience within an individual session. The rewiring is kaleidoscopic.
    I often use a kaleidoscope as a physical metaphor but that is what my sexuality, orgasm and rewiring does, they are changing constantly revealing breath taking sensuality with each new experience.
    So what does being rewired mean? For me being rewired means that I am a new sexual person. I am still the same person I was in almost all respects except for the dimensions of my sexuality.
    First and most significant is my sexual response cycle. I am much more languid, patient and sensual in my experience of sexual pleasure. In penis in vagina sex I am more deliberate, mindful, and much slower. In thrusting I am thinking as I am feeling, it is mindful. I am more acutely aware of the caress of her vagina on my cock. I savor the sensation of the warm wet sucking action of her wetted grip on my cockhead. I absorb the fine nuances of what I am feeling and seeing. I am more aware of the effect of things that I am doing to her have on her. I am much more aware of the experience that J is having as I sink deep into her and I temper my performance and my actions accordingly.
    Another aspect of my rewiring has to do with cunnilingus and J’s pussy. Oral sex has always been a big turn on for me. We had oral sex for a year before we fucked and even after we began to make love we still preferred oral because fucking was not comfortable for her. To this day we will go down on each other twice for every time we fuck. What has changed with rewiring is that I have fallen in love with her pussy.
    The appeal of J’s pussy to all of my senses has amplified exponentially. Because I am more patient and observation as I am tonguing her folds, suckling her clit and dipping my tongue into the tangy sweetness of her pussy mouth I am aware of the subtle changes in her arousal from the taste of her juices. I now love the eloquent structure of her vagina, it’s scent in arousal, and its silky mouth feel on my tongue. I have become acutely aware of the physical changes in her vagina in arousal and orgasm and its responsiveness in orgasm. I suckle her flower and watch it open as her orgasm is imminent. When orgasm tugs her clit I watch her pussy subtly spasm as girl cum drools from her trembling lips. The reward of drinking her sweet girl cream straight from her quivering pussy lips is beyond arousing.
    My orgasmic triggers have been altered. Before rewiring my orgasmic trigger was my cock. All orgasmic sensation was experienced in my cock. Now, I trigger orgasms from my nipples and my anus and orgasm is experienced throughout my pelvis. The exquisite tension of having my nipples teased and massaged sends ripples of intense pleasure straight to my cock and anus. An MMO that initiates in my anus will echo its pleasure to my nipples and my penile bulb deep in the root of my cock.
    I am totally anally orgasmic now. I experience exquisitely resonant orgasmic pleasure deep inside my anus. The sensation of sexual pleasure in my anus is exponentially more powerful than sexual pleasure in my cockhead. Oftentimes in a long and deeply pervasive MMO orgasmic pleasure will extend to my cock and harden it but not usually. I can induce MMO orgasms with nothing in my anus. The echoes of orgasmic pleasure come in the hundreds and I do not ejaculate, I drool streams of clear sweet pre cum. When MMOs do involve my cock the pleasure is felt not in my cockhead but they agonizing ecstasy is felt as a firm pumping of my penile bulb deep in my groin at the root of my cockshaft.
    When I MMO the intensity of my MMO is amplified ten fold by tweaking and massaging my nipples. My nipples have become hyper erotic orgasm switches. After 7 years of steady success and learning from MMO I don’t have to seek multiple orgasmic pleasures, they now come seeking me. As I lay in bed in early morning my cock will erect and my prostate will start pulsing gently sending echoes of pleasure that demand that I respond to them. It is almost impossible for me to ignore the alluring erotic song of prostate pleasure when it beckons. When an MMO launches now it does not ebb and flow with rests anymore, the pleasure is a continuous wave of excruciating ecstasy that curls my toes, arches my back, convulses my anus and stiffens my legs.
    One of the most surprising changes in my sexuality with rewiring is in my arousal. A sexy woman will arouse me and now in equal measure a sexy cock, harden, long and dripping pre cum in arousal will arouse me. My gender preference has almost evaporated. I find handsome nude guys to be just as sexy as beautiful women. In the deepest and most intense place in MMO when I am almost going crazy from the pleasure that is ramming up my asshole and tearing into my soul, I will have homoerotic fantasies.
    I love chatting with men and women about my sexuality, sexual experience and what turns me on now. However there is spirituality and a human connection dimension that is essential for my arousal in that chat with a man or a woman. Although I have had a very hot sexual experience with a man I have not done many of the things I fantasize about. If I found the right guy and I found him to be appealing physically and intellectually and emotionally I would engage in many of the things I fantasize about with him.
    The menu of my sexual activity has become much more discrete and better defined. I will now often crave MMO over fucking, yet other times I crave the reassuring loving caress of my penis inside J’s pussy as her pussy sucks me and milks the cum from me.
    Many times I prefer to get a hand job or oral and witness the eruption of my cream and experience that I am feeling. The appeal of a hand job now is beyond the sensual it is the visual. I like to see myself come and I love to watch J as she makes me cum and watches my pulsing cock as it spews ropes of cum.
    The biggest division in my daily sexuality is the difference between paired sex and solo MMO sex. This dichotomy lies in the fact that an MMO by its nature is introspective. The pleasure that is derived from MMO demands that I retreat inside myself to savor it, and let is embrace me. As an MMO happens to me my awareness of everything outside of my body disappears. I cannot hear or see anything or think about anything. The pleasure consumes me and demands that I do nothing else but pay attention to it.
    Paired sex with J is another story altogether. When I fuck J it is not about me what so ever. In fact as a result of my rewiring I can fuck her and not cum and it is ok. I do not need to have penis in vagina fucking end in ejaculation for me. I do not crave immediate gratification and the relief of ejaculation anymore. In fact I have come really like the glow that comes with profound unrelieved arousal. Arousal for me is very Zen now.
    My writing ability and my ability to express erotic sensations and ideas has evolved as a result of rewiring. I am acutely more aware of sexual sensation as it happens and I can remember sensations and the finer nuances of my sexual experience. I write erotic poetry that is very private, I have not shared it with anyone. Writing or reading my erotic poems makes my cock turn to iron. The ache of arousal when I am writing erotic poems will grip my cock and extend its agony deep into my asshole.
    At the same time I am writing an erotic novel that is an expression of some of my real life experiences, thoughts and sensations as a rewired man. It also expresses some of my fantasies and my hopes and desires.
    Lastly is sight and touch. The sight of supple young women at work or in daily life and the scent of their perfume as they walk by is intoxicating. Sometimes in close quarters I can pick up the scent of a natural clean vagina in arousal, it hardens my cock in a second. The limbic side of my brain has been awoken. While the sensual intellectual aspects of my sexuality have been enriched so have the animalistic ones.
    I am a very sexual man. I am rewired.

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