• More on Kegels and Reverse Kegels, 5/27/16 morning session

    Hi guys,
    The last couple Aneros sessions I continued refining my Kegels and Reverse Kegels with my favorite models of Helix Classic, Maximus and Progasm Classic, but with a new twist. Now I have discovered recently that I can insert Helix Classic and Maximus with ease on my back with my butt on a pillow. I have taken the insertion process to a higher level with my legs folded right up to my chest. My anus is then exposed fully for insertion. Both Helix and Maximus are even sucked into my anal canal. This one position makes contact with my models much more direct with my prostate which produces pleasure unimaginable. I still have to lie on my right side to insert Progasm Classic correctly, but that is OK.
    Also in this position, I can perform both Kegels and Reverse Kegels with ease. The result is even more pleasure. What I am trying to do know is surrender this pleasure and even P-waves and mini-O’s that may ensue, and opening myself up to Super-O’s and MMO’s that may come my way. Also while performing the Kegels and Reverse Kegels with Aneros, I enjoy going autopilot and focusing on subtle actions and pleasures!
    My Aless, as I type this entry, is so sweet, actually erotic energy. Is this “a new type of orgasm” that the old text of Aneros Directions for Use of the recently retired aneros.com web site spoke so eloquently about?
    Take care,
    P.S. Tempo is still an essential part of my sessions because Tempo works so well with my other models and magnifies their effect on me. I cannot do without Tempo. Tomorrow morning, Saturday, I plan to have a leisurely session exploring more what I have written above. I want to explore more and more “a new type of orgasm!”


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      05/27/2016at4:10 pm

      Great post! I too am feeling what you describe as ‘erotic energy’. Don’t know exactly what it is, but when you feel it, you know it! Please keep us posted as you gain further insight. I am finding that my Peridise are almost as indispensable as my prostate stims. I can do P either before or after the A.

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      05/27/2016at6:52 pm

      When my prostate began awakening with P-waves a mere three weeks into my Aneros journey in late June 2012, I realized even then that this erotic energy is centered in my prostate. However, in July and August 2012, I began to experience my first chairgasms, bedgasms, and walkinggasms. It all is so wonderful! Now my entire genital apparatus is a dynamo for this sweet, erotic energy, this electric buzz.
      Right now I am savoring my Aless as I write this reply! 🙂

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