• More of the same (sigh)

    Haven't blogged in a while. Been using the helix and mgx about 3 times a week with poor results. 1-2 hour sessions with an occasional muscle twitch in my arm or leg. 2 days ago I cut off the handle of an extra mgx I ordered two of by mistake and noticed actual movement in the device (Woohoo!) all the rest of the time I have felt kinda silly with a piece of plastic up my butt that was not moving anywhere. 2 days ago when I did this I could swear I felt the device moving so quick it almost felt like it was vibrating. have not been able to reproduce that again.
    today I got the new peridise beginner kit in the mail and tried it for 1 hr and then went to the mgx without the handle and noticed that it was moving on it's own with out me doing anything. Odd but really no earth shattering groovy feelings to go along with it. Girl friend thinks I'm kinda silly.
    Honestly at this point I wonder if I am imagining any of this movement, "vibration" muscle twitching. I will keep going.

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