• More Milestones reached – the pleasure is getting stronger and stronger

    I thought I would share some more of my experiences thus far. I have found the Wiki referred throughout this site, an extremely helpful guide and I would not have discovered this amazing wealth of pleasure without it, or the many posts on this site.
    Although I have always enjoyed the pleasures of shoving things up my bum, I did not really know how deep the pleasure could go. I used to masturbate while objects were there. I knew there was pleasure in anal play, I knew about the nerve endings and the Prostate. But I did not know my body could be taught to ‘rewire the circuitry’ to achieve such amazing pleasure.
    My journey started a few months ago when I decided to buy some sex toys. I had always wanted to buy these things but I was too embarrassed and didn’t really know where to get started. The change for me came when my wife was planning a business trip away for a few nights. I organised one of those Postal delivery services so I could go on-line, order what I wanted and have it waiting at the post office rather than delivered to my home. I was all set, so I went on-line and purchased a few toys – I chose the cheaper rubbery things and a plastic prostate massager – it looked like an Aneros but it wasn’t a genuine one. The stuff arrived and my wife went on her trip and I started to play.
    The toys were a great learning tool and allowed my to explore what I liked and didn’t like, Every session ended with a nice traditional orgasm.
    Later on, I was playing with plastic Aneros looking device and I found if I sat on it and moved, I received some amazing pleasure. I started researching “Prostate Orgasm”. I read articles, looked at videos and tried lots of things – but nothing happened. I decided to buy more toys and went on-line again and ordered more devices, vibrating things. One expensive device even moved inside me, but still nothing! No Orgasm, unless I masturbated.
    I eventually found this website, whilst researching which Aneros device to buy, my plastic thing was OK, it cost $15 and you could tell it was poorly made. So again I decided to buy and I bought the Helix-Syn. WOW, things stated to happen. I read on this site about developing the PC muscles, ‘doing my exercises’, breathing and relaxing. I tried those things (impatiently) and still no Orgasm. I went back reading everything to see what I had missed. One article stands out, where the writer says something like, “If you’re here thinking you have to push, shove and thrust to get a Super O, you’re in the wrong place”.
    That statement has stayed in my mind all through my journey!
    I used my Helix-syn at every opportunity. I loved the feeling of it inside me, but I yearned for something else, something bigger and more filling. Again my shopping skills gained me to get the Progasm Ice. And this has become my favorite toy. Then things started to escalate for me. It didn’t take long either, last weekend I achieved another milestone – involuntary contractions, which pushed the Progasm hard up inside me – it is amazing, my body is learning what it likes and it is taking over. This weekend, I have experienced many many mini O’s – they are amazing and I am feeling horny as I write this. I just want to stick my Progasm inside me yet again!!
    Many times recently I have reread the Milestones as reported in the Wiki. I have looked at what ‘stage’ I am at, this has been a very accurate chart of my progress, and gave me the next step to aim toward.
    I know the Super O is not far away, each day I am a step closer. The pleasure is building more and more each session.
    I thank the people who have combined all their experiences to put all this information together.


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      08/29/2016at10:41 pm

      @OMGBO thanks for sharing. Your journey is almost a carbon copy of mine and with the same 2 Aneros models. We are also at the same level of rewiring. Keep writing about your progress!

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      08/30/2016at9:40 am

      Very exciting times! I cannot believe that I am experiencing these amazingly erotic sensations. I am concerned about becoming addicted :-0. At the moment I am doing it every day, sometimes more that once. The experiences are getting stronger and easier to achieve.

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