• Models MGX and Helix Classic Join My Team!: Session for Saturday Nov. 18

    Hi guys,
    Early Saturday afternoon I decided to go all the way and try the Aneros models MGX and Helix Classic for the first time. Both models have joined my team of Aneros models, Helix Syn, Maximus, Progasm Ice, Progasm Classic, and Eupho. I bought the MGX and Helix Classic along with the Progasm Classic late December. These two models sat unused for nearly eleven months until last Saturday! I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderfully they performed for me and gave me exquisite pleasure. Well, it was my working with the Helix Syn, Maximus, Progasm Ice, and Progasm Classic respectively that prepared me so well for what appears to the earliest models in the Aneros lineup.
    Both the MGX and Helix Classic inserted easily to the hilt and performed in a grand fashion after several long Kegels as preparation. I was especially impressed by the Helix Classic! This guy gave my prostate an aggressive, yet extremely pleasurable massage. He autof**ked me so naturally, yet so aggressively. He works so well with the larger models. So does the MGX!
    For Saturday afternoon's session, I used every model except the Eupho. I began my session at 1:15 p.m. and concluded at 5:45 p.m. I used the smaller models in combination with the larger models. I proceeded in an intuitive, yet leisurely manner. I came away with the impression that all these Aneros models complement each other. I reveled in the various textures of massage action and resulting sessions.
    When I finally finished my unprecedented session of 4.5 hours at 5:45 p.m., I was thoroughly worked over. However, soon after my long session, my body began to rebel with sensations of rewiring all revved up! There were pricks and stabs of pain, it seemed, all over my body. It seemed that my body was on fire! This sensation continued all night long into early Sunday morning. These sensations nearly robbed me of my sleep. Yet Sunday morning, I forced myself to go to church )Yes, I go to church!(. Church attendance yesterday soothed my body. However, I learned a very important lesson. With the Aneros, "do nothing in excess," to quote the Ancient Greek proverb. The Aneros Wiki gives an important direction as to maximum duration of sessions of 90 minutes. That is a good guideline for beginning Aneros users. My sessions now vary between two and three hours in length. Of course, I am ever alert to the presence of pain in a session. When that happens, I end a session. But my Aneros sessions of late have been exquisitely pleasurable! I really want to spend good quality time with all my Aneros guys! Take care.

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