• MMO with Tempo and Female Erotic Massage

    So it has been a while since I have made an entry here. Work has kept me busy and travel too. It has been a very sexy summer for me. It began with a series of very slow and thoughtful mmo sessions. After three years of minimal massager use I began to insert my peridises again. Using the condom method and filling the condom with lube and tying a knot in the opening allowed me to use in any situation and not make a mess. It also allows me to use any lube I want as it all stays in the condom. This allowed me to do sessions with insertion anywhere including in my own bed while my wife sleeps.
    In June I started while visiting my daughter on the West Coast. The sessions were exquisite and as I said very slow and luxurious. Throughout June I was doing up to three sessions per week. By the end of June I stopped using the Peridises and transferred to my Tempo. Again I used the condom method. The onset of full orgasmic contractions after insertion of the Tempo was startling. On the average it was less than 5 minutes to full spasms that were sucking the Tempo in and out of my anus. Mid way through July I began to experiment with suppressing the spasms and orgasms, trying to keep them from happening. The more I denied them the more powerful they became.
    An interesting thing began to happen during July. I discovered that the weight of the Tempo and its length stimulated my anus to actually feel the massager as it triggered waves of exquisite ecstasy. I began to fantasize that I was getting fucked by a really sexy cock. The fantasy caused my orgasms to soar and repeat rapid fire like a machine gun. The male – male fantasy always makes me blast off. Temptation to follow thru on the fantasy still is just a fantasy. my one time years ago has provided some lovely images and memories.
    I played with different breathing patterns and using nipple clamps. The fantasies began to be really lewd and lurid. Using breathing and sexy imagery I coaxed the waves of orgasms to reach tsunami scale. They grew and grew in power and intensity over several sessions. Soon I was orchestrating these symphonies of erotic bliss that sent chills up my spine and spikes of shrill pleasure drilled my anus. During several sessions the pumping of my prostate was so hard that I was oozing prostatic fluid and not precum; I could tell as the prostatic fluid was milkier than the precum was.
    The best session occurred one evening in a hotel in mid July with my tempo. It went three hours and was so intense that there was no let up in the spasms. They speeded up and gripped my rectum so hard soon they were not spasms but a constant shrill agonizing ache deep in my rectum; the pleasure was intense and excruciating and so sweetly painful I trembled and whined as it pulsed deep inside of me and squeezed my prostate so hard it was so blissful it hurt. I stifled a scream in the pillow. The agony was a hard sweet constant shrill whine that forced milky fluid from my cock and soaked the bed under me. The anguished torture grew so pleasurably intense my mind and my anus became one harmonic hum that caused me to arch my back and grip the sheets.
    By the end of the 3rd hour I was dripping sweat and was trembling. My anus was clamped onto the Tempo and was gripping it tenaciously. It was in me so hard that when I decided to stop and pull it out it was extremely hard to remove it. Even after I removed it the spasms began again unbidden.
    By the end of July the intensity of the sessions were causing my hormones to surge; I was in a constant state of arousal. Erections would harden at the slightest touch of my underpants on the frenulum of my cock. I was leaking precum constantly.
    In early August while in one of these aroused states, I was chatting with a female on line friend about the erotic summer I was having. She asked what I did to respond to my erotic needs. In the midst of that chat I mentioned that I loved to give erotic massages to my wife and women in general but my experience with women other than my wife was limited. Before long she asked me if I would be willing to give her one. I was dumbfounded, but through my amazement I hurriedly agreed yes I would.
    The next week I had to be in NYC. She lived not that far from NYC, so we agreed to meet at my hotel. I promised to be a gentleman and only give her the massage and nothing else. I promised to even wear a thong to avoid embarrassing her.
    She came to the hotel at one o’clock pm at the appointed date. I knew what she looked like as I had seen pictures of her. She is in her late 30’s with a beautiful face and a soft feminine figure. Her tits were not huge but not small. They were very suckable, something that I took advantage of several times during the massage. It had been a while since I had seen a nude younger woman. The sight of her soft sensually feminine form hardened my cock immediately.
    I stripped down to my thong, my cock was straining against the pouch that held it. I undressed her very slowly. It was agreed ahead of time that I would undress her and tease her as I did. It took almost ten minutes for me to unbutton her blouse and unzip her pants as she stood there. I kissed her for several minutes as I embraced her and stroked the back of her head with my hand. She was in her bra and panties as I kissed her, my hardened cock peering from the upper edge of my thong. I gently touched her thru her panties, teasing her clit. I pinched her nipples gently thru her bra until her nipples were hard and her pussy was soaking her panties. I slid them off and unhooked her bra and suckled her nipples as I forced her to stand and receive the pleasure.
    I then laid her down and opened her legs and kissed her glistening pussy lips. I kneaded her vulva until her pearlescent girl juice was dribbling from the lower crease of her cunt lips. Coating my fingers in her sexy slime, I slid my fingers into her she shuddered as I penetrated her. Her G spot was rough and swollen.
    The next two hours were a dance of g spot massage and clitoral massage. She came several times in the course of the first hour. I guided her to several shuddering peaks and let her squeeze my fingers as the cascades of orgasms caused her cum to dribble into my upturned palms. I let her rest after an hour. My thong was soaked with my precum, it was drooling thru the silken fabric. My cockhead was protruding slightly from the top of my thong. She asked if she could take it off and kiss my cockhead. I let her do it cautioning her not to make me cum.
    I laid on the bed as she alternated sucking my nipples and teasing and tickling my erect wetted cock cleft with her fingers. We languished together naked on the bed relaxing for another hour and teasing each others nipples and kissing occasionally. I then reached down and slid my fingers into her pussy again. She opened her legs and began to murmur to me what she wanted me to do. In a low hushed voice that was so sexy and hot, she told me to suck her clit and massage her g spot. I laid down between her legs without removing my fingers from her pussy as she held my head at my temples, guiding it to her clit. I latched onto her clit with my lips and sucked it into my mouth as I stroked the underside of it with my tongue. She exploded in a chain of orgasms immediately. I suckled her clit and desperately tried to stay with her as she humped my mouth. She must have orgasmed 5 or 6 more times over the next hour. I alternated kissing her pussy and suckling her clit. My face was totally slimy with her cum.
    Again after she was done we laid on the bed and actually both fell asleep for an hour or so. When we awoke she asked me if I wanted to cum. By that time my cock was aching and my prostate was swollen with cum. She asked me how I wanted to cum. I responded that I would be happy with a handjob but I wanted to do it standing up.
    I led her into the bathroom where I stood in front of the wall wide mirror over the sink. I asked her to stand behind me and reach around me to grasp my cock with her hand as her other hand pinched my left nipple, the more sensitive of the two. She was able to peer around me and watch my face as she began to work my cock. I could feel her tits pressed on lower back, as she was significantly shorter than me. I love having a woman watch me in growing arousal culminating in ejaculation. It has always been a fantasy for me to have a strange woman watch me cum. It is something I have not done in many years.
    It didn’t take long until I was thrusting in time to her strokes as she gripped my cock. I held her hand still on my cock as I began to thrust back and forth, sliding my slippery cockhead against her palm as I fucked her hand. In a matter of minutes I pumped a thick rope of white cum onto the mirror, then another and finally an oozing drool into the sink. I was so turned on the volume of cum surprised me yet alone surprising her.
    We got back into bed and cuddled and I felt her up slowly and tenderly until to my amazement she brought my hand to her pussy again and began to rub it on her clit. I massaged her open pussy lips one more time as she came two more times.
    When it was over, we had been together for almost 5 hours. She had to leave to get home by a reasonable hour. It was the high point of my summer and maybe the last 5 years. I have chatted with her a few times since then. There is talk of another visit this fall. We will see.

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