• Mixing Aneros models up in sessions

    Hi guys,
    In my Aneros sessions of late, I have been mixing things up as it relates to my Aneros models and their order of use.
    For a long time, at least a good year, I have been using the following order of models:
    Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm Classic.
    This order of models has served me well. Eupho Classic, I use to open my sessions and open me up. It has the most freedom of movement when inserted and it "dances" a great deal. Eupho Classic prepares me for Helix Classic which I enjoy for its penetration and how it relates in general contact with my prostate. I get horny when I think about Helix Classic.
    Then I go on to Maximus which has given me a great ride for months on end, certainly when I began using that model in the fall of 2013. Then I go on to Tempo which during all my sessions massages both my anal sphincters and canal so well. Tempo continues to tone my anal musculature too.
    Finally I end sessions with Progasm Classic which delivers such a heavy-duty massage which makes me feel so complete as a man.
    A few days ago some guys in Aneros chat praised Progasm ICE which I hadn't used in many months.
    So yesterday during our daylong snowstorm, I enjoyed the coziness of my apartment by having a long, leisurely session with the following order of models:
    Helix Classic, Progasm ICE, Tempo, Maximus, Progasm Ivory
    Helix Classic worked well enough, but it should have had Eupho Classic to introduce it. But wow afterward, I really enjoyed the sleek, yet robust action of Progasm ICE! I enjoyed the slow, leisurely fuck action of Tempo inserted while sitting at my PC.
    Now Maximus works so abundantly well after Tempo somehow. It seems that Maximus and I were made for which other as fuck buddies! :-] I closed my session with some quality time with Progasm Ivory which left my prostate and musculature surrounding it ringing and buzzing with sexual energy!
    Since then [I am typing this a day later] I have had Aless which is so powerful and so sweet. All day today I feel so sexually alive from my Aless that I am on the verge of orgasm and ejaculation! I'll describe all this in greater detail in my next post.
    Take care!

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