• Mission to Pre

    What else is there to do once someone has been rewired? My brain still wants to set goals and reach them — perhaps that was my biggest draw to Aneros all along.
    So for me it's almost instinctively to…precum. Odd, one might say. All that ever does is create a mess, for most. That's true — but for a year or two now, I keep checking my dick for any substance during orgasms, like there's a missing piece. It doesn't feel fair that for others, who precum a bunch after using Aneros, I'm still left bone dry. I'm seemingly not alone here either, run through some quick Google results.
    But as luck has it, there is something of an answer in form of Pygeum africanum! It's a form of bark from an evergreen, and is supposedly good for Prostate health. What it amounts to is helping in treatment of Prostatic Hypertrophy, countering the increased size of the prostate by shrinking it. But through shrinking it, supposedly, cowper's fluid is then filtered more tightly through the gland. There are plentiful user reports out there mentioning good results — some complaining their dicks become faucets after a month.
    Yet there too are those who report little to no change whatsoever. And surprise, I fall into this statistic as well, after a few weeks of no outcome! )Or precum, rofl rofl( What a shame. Going by the on-going tests of those out there, brands do vary in effectiveness – as well as taking the supplement in combination with others. And overall health/diet, too.
    Back to brands, I've been using Biovea's Pygeum, consisting of 100mg per soft gel. The ingredients here DO line up with other brands users abroad had success with. So perhaps all supplements can do is bolster what substances ALREADY exists, rather than actively develop it? In other words, if one doesn't naturally produce much precum, then Pygeum hasn't got much to work with.
    Oh well!

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