• Minor progress after 1 week even if I was cheating

    Last night I had a partial brake through. Went to bed with the mgx. I started on my left side. After 30 minutes of do nothing and nothing happening, not even a twitch I decided to roll over on my back. I reached down and started to massage my perineum just above the p-tab. An orgasm started almost immediately than rolled into another more intense than the first. I lost count after 5 as they started to come closer together with out a break between. They just kept coming each getting slightly more intense.

    The entire time I was riding these orgasms I was holding different levels of contractions allowing my muscles to involuntarily contract but this was not happening as a feed back loop. I think it was just happening from trying to maintain a set level of contraction.

    The last orgasm I remember my body was so fully engulfed that I lost track of time. The one thing that stood out about it was the sudden feeling of a strange sharp pain that exploded from my prostate that caused my belly to clench than start to flutter maybe a dozen times before stopping. This feeling was scary but exhilarating at the same time lasting mere seconds before passing to allow the orgasm feeling to swell even higher before fading off. I believe that this was caused by the mgx sliding along the prostate as it was designed to do to create these feel good feelings. Could this have been the aforementioned p-waves? I looked at the clock to find I had been surfing this session for an hour plus but didn’t want it to stop.

    I decided to see if I could get things flowing by design just to try. I started to very gently contract my anal muscles feeling the tool slide along my prostate ever so slightly. I felt the start of a floating sensation, some thing I had experienced before. Every contraction I would swing up and release I would swing down. But stop contractions and the feeling would stop. I was starting to get sleepy at this point from relaxing down to zone in on feeling the sliding of the tool so I finished for the night.

    Something I noticed with the mgx during this session but didn’t pay attention to before is that the p-tab actually sits behind the sweet spot instead of on it so this made massaging the sweet spot by hand easier. Something else this did was allow the mgx to side along my prostate in 2 directions giving a double tag if you will. Me moving the mgx without moving it directly and the movement of the mgx from muscle involuntary s. I may warm and move the p-tab out slightly to get it to sit differently in the future.

    I feel my ability to have external prostate massage orgasms may be giving me a slight advantage in the learning curve for this tool of pleasure but not the full ability to to obtain complete subconscious control. I think if I had no idea what a prostate orgasm felt like I can see how hearing/reading of these wonderful full body immersive feelings would make some get super frustrated trying to chase it since there is no point of reference. Once you take what you think know about orgasms right now and throw them away, forget all of it including how to get to what you think is an orgasm, allows you to experience new sensations that can pale in comparison. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes a good cock centered orgasm is just what is needed, you will find once you experience even the slightest glimpse of a prostate/anal/perineum orgasm you will greatly reduce the amount of fast personal gratification get to the prize type of orgasms. I know I have. I was a 1 or sometimes try to get 2 ejaculations per day every day 365. I am now 1 per week but sometimes I will fall off the edge of the wave and end up with a ruined orgasm but this usually happens after 10 minutes of edging or trying to have a nonejac orgasm which I still have not gotten to happen yet.

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