• Mini Orgasms?

    Around a month or two ago I didn't have any particular 'pleasure' that was generated by the Aneros, but this has changed dramatically.
    I haven't masturbated for a while now, maybe a few weeks? I'm pretty sure it's had a really positive effect on my sessions, and on other aspects of my life. It's very easy for me to become aroused before I start a session. I can feel the sexual energy inside me. Every time I insert the aneros I am guaranteed some form of pleasure and I feel like I'm very close to the edge of something, the pleasure feels like it's leading me to something bigger but I don't have any idea what that is going to feel like! It's hard to imagine.
    The past two sessions have been really nice. They were both quite different but they followed the same pattern. In both sessions I've been extremely relaxed and comfortable, which has been difficult to achieve in the past. The summer weather has probably helped this since I can keep warm without the use of radiators/space heaters!
    I've felt warm waves come over me at around the 15 minute mark of each session. Then my anus starts to feel very warm, my legs begin to twitch a lot, almost vibrating. After a short while I begin to feel a gentle, tickly pleasure in my lower abdomen, my prostate and my legs. It's subtle at first but grows in intensity a little. It's constant for a minute or two at first and then disappears. It comes back in small waves, each wave brings me a similar amount of pleasure to begin with but the feeling lingers for longer each time.
    The pleasure then becomes more intense and it's at this point I would stop describing it 'pleasurable' and start labelling it as 'orgasmic'
    The feeling spreads from my prostate and out to my abdomen, and sometimes my chest and arms. The waves last for 10-15 seconds each, sometimes longer – possibly 30 seconds. During this time I can feel intense pleasure in my prostate, a good amount of pleasure in my lower stomach/abdomen and subtle pleasure in my chest and arms.
    These waves lasted for a good half an hour, and I would say I felt satisfied and extremely happy – almost proud after my session. I had remained relaxed throughout the session, where previously I would have become excited and tried to force something to happen. The relaxation aspect is one of my favourite things about the aneros now.
    I'm really really happy! I feel silly writing these blog posts but I'd like something to monitor my progress with. It's amazing to see how far I've come.

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