• Mind, Body and Soul

    The scent of her feminine desire radiates from deep within the warm recesses of her moist pink furrow filling my nostrils with the warm musk of her sexual need. The sexual cauldron between her thighs is boiling over. It spills its mysterious power onto the bed where it laps against my body, stiffening my cock as it’s warmth touches my thigh.
    Her sensual femininity slowly begins to assume a shape; invisibly it becomes an exquisitely delicate and slender hand that inches its way up my thigh and tenderly grasps my penis. Then lovingly caressing my pulsing purple hued cockhead in her warm grasp she toys with it, mercilessly teasing the wetted cleft under my cockhead. The erotic torment she inflicts on my sensitive cock cleft causes me to fidget.
    I feel the sweet tingle of the virtual pleasurable of her hand; it sends shivers up my spine. Waves of erotic bliss collect at my ears and nose and fill my head. The sweet desperation of growing arousal encircles my neck and envelops my head, making my scalp vibrate and my ears ring. As I lay there I give myself to her as I shudder and quake in her grasp. Arousal tenderly caresses the swollen head of my cock; ever so daintily a finger extends from the hand and searches for the slit at the tip of my lust swollen cock shaft. She knows my penis so well, and she is in no hurry; there is a glee in the way she torments me.
    She searches patiently for the place that will extract maximum pleasure from me; her search is methodically slow and deliberately playful. It tickles my cock and slowly slides over the slick smooth fine skin of my cockhead, she encircles the tender skin behind my crown with the tip of her finger, wallowing in the slippery sexiness of my penis as she coats the tip of her in a clear warm coat of my pre cum. The smooth sexy skin under my cock head is so different than all other skin on my coarse male body. The skin on my cock is delicate and thin and very sensitive.
    Once her desire finds my pre cum soaked slot she toys with it, gingerly tasting the sweet slippery nectar that I have prepared for her. She gets intoxicated by the liquor of my lust that is oozing from my pink slit. Like a drunken hummingbird it darts lazily around my purple hued stamen that is my cockhead; her desire flits, darts and hovers in anticipation of the thick white, sweet reward that I will offering her shortly. Then very gently, her finger alights on the slit in my penis and pries it open, parting it and holding it open in preparation for penetration, sweet penetration. I can feel the tingling magic begin as she parts me; my cock lurches and my body quivers as I feel myself being opened.
    I savor the sensations that are enveloping me. As I wallow in the growing rapture of sexual desire that is toying with my cock head I struggle to absorb and sense the magnitude of the sensual pleasure that I am floating in. My skin is tingling in anticipation of the whispered promise of euphoria that fills my ears. Ultimately I give into the pleasure that is tenderly embracing my cock. I am on fire; my pelvis is a sodden steaming inferno of sexual need.
    Her sweet feminine desire tarries and teases my cockhead for quite a while, playing with the steaming drool of precum that runs down the length of my aching shaft. Her need for my male nectar has been wetted; she craves more. She craves to seek at the source of my warm male essence so that she can bathe and drink from my sweet fountain. Then with the gentleness of a butterfly the finger of her desire deftly enters my slit, penetrating me; I groan and shiver as I am invaded. As she sinks into me she causes me to arch my back and tremble in erotic submission. I am immobilized by lust. The ache of desire that grips my cock has now invaded my anus; my prostate is swollen with the heavy ache of desire.
    Her feminine erotic desire now is deep inside me; it basks in the rich erotic core of my masculinity and grows stronger, drawing its power from the heat of my own need. It causes my cock to go numb in extreme erection. As my penis goes rigid it straightens like a cat stretching after a long soothing nap. Her invasion of my penis fills me with vivid images of lurid liaisons and sexy bodies nude for my pleasure. I am overcome and immobilized by the assault of her desire, it is holding my body helpless on the bed. My heart is racing and my head is spinning as her loving invasion gathers more power inside of me. My breath comes in short gulps as I am being skewered by desire.
    Her sexuality is intoxicating me; my ability to reason wanes. I gasp and groan as her passion inches further into me, igniting a fiery path as it burrows into the vulnerable core of my sexuality. I writhe in anguished joy as the gentle finger of her erotic desire probes deeper and deeper into me, slowly inching along the path that she senses will torment me with need. As her desire grows and extends into me I am overcome with lust and love for her. I hear moaning somewhere; I am surprised to discover it is me.
    As her passion grows inside me I reciprocate with overwhelming need for her. Before I know what has happened her desire has found its destination, the warm thickened pool of my male orgasmic liquid, deep inside of me. I feel her finger probing in my hot essence, coating itself in my earthy male fluid. Her desire exults at the discovery of the well spring of my passion. Satisfied at her conquest she bathes languidly in my creamy sweet pool, stretching out and luxuriating in the spa like warmth inside me. She has found an elegant bath full of the most exotic oils and spices; smugly she languidly soaks in the soothing luxury of my semen and lets it permeate her, feeding her sexual power as she soaks it up.
    Once her desire is drenched in my salty – sweet essence, she begins to delicately breathe the heat of her need into the pool, causing it to simmer and bubble. The simmering pool steams and begins to boil, building up pressure and a path for relief.
    Her need is now desperate; it has been warmed by the desire in me and has grown to immense proportion in the warm well of my male passion. As she wallows in the creamy heat of my male life force her passion has grown to staggering dimension. Rooted itself in the warm wet depths of me it assumes control of my mind, my body and most particularly my cock, the avenue that will deliver my liquid to her thirsty mouth. She has linked us in anticipation of sating her sensual thirst from the warm erotic stream of my cum that will soon emerge from the slit that granted her the privilege of entering me.
    When she has tasted the sweet essence from the well of my sexual, her desire probes further into me; she is not totally satisfied with her conquest yet. She pierces my organs and penetrates me, seeking my very soul. With exquisite and vulgar finesse, the hands of her desire grasp my quivering spirit and gently squeeze it causing intense pleasure waves to wash over me and immerse me in sexual rapture. My cock throbs as my brain catches on fire.
    Soon I am her need. I no longer am the master of my own sensations; I am a slave to her erotic desire. Her desire is a tether that has extended itself into my penis and has wound its fingers around my prostate, savoring the hot liquid reward it has found inside of me, luxuriating in the sensation of the warm cum running between her fingers as she squeezes my gland with no remorse.
    When her desire has slaked its need for my heat it begins to reel me in as if I am a fish caught by her hook. But unlike a fish, I do not fight her incessant pull. I allow myself to be dragged towards her. She has found her prize deep inside of me and now she intends to claim it. I am in a stupor of erotic desire. Her tether is deep inside me but it is also wrapped around my cock. It is like tendril on a bean plant that had coiled around my flesh stalk and it is holding me tenaciously. My fate is sealed I am trapped as a fly is in a venus fly trap. I am her willing erotic captive.
    I am being pulled slowly to the steaming crevice between her thighs; it has my hardened penis in a vice like grip. Her desire has tasted my love liquid and now wants to drink deeply from me; it has been at the source. It now wants to claim my thickened salty rich cream and slake its thirst with the milk of my passion. I am being dragged and tugged to be with her, to be inside her and merge my fluid with hers and deliver a load of my semen to slake her desire. Each yank on my cock and my tender insides elicits a shudder and a gasp from me; each moan and gulp is sweet recognition of my erotic fate. Her passion is milking me readying me to release for her.
    As she grasps the essence of my masculinity, her womanly desire firmly squeezes it hard, again and again; the unrelenting erotic pleasure causes me to cry out for sweet relief as the erotic juice of my passion oozes between her fingers.
    The sheer agony of my need sets the steaming pool of semen inside me to roiling in intense desperation, is now boiling over. It is hot and ready to meet its destiny with her. Soon it will be relinquished in blissful anguish to be deposited deep inside her where she will savor it in her warm secret place. That destiny is drawing me closer and closer to her.
    With my body and soul in her grip her passion wraps its fingers around my brain and makes me think of only one thing . . . . delivering my load to her and savoring the sweet relief of my cock being caressed inside the warmth of her vagina. Her desire continues to reel me in.
    She lies on her back and looks at me with a glint in her eye that is borderline evil. She knows that I am helpless. My penis and her vagina are linked by the tether of her desire; the fingers of her passion are holding my mind and soul in their grasp drawing me to her.
    With the drama surrounding the unveiling of a priceless work of art she parts her thighs to reveal her glistening pink fleshy treasure to me. The sight of her inflamed and dilated pussy assaults my weakened sense of reality and holds me in an iron grip. I cannot take my eyes off of her sweet lips. Her vagina is mesmerizing; in its lust engorged silence it is hypnotizing me. Her dewy pink cleft is slightly open, taunting me with the promise of an exquisitely warm and wet caress that will milk me, and suck me as it swallows my liquid testimony of love. Her cleft is parted in readiness to claim me and her silken inner lips are wetted with the honey of her arousal.
    The scent of her ardor rises from the yawning mouth of her pussy and “seals the deal”. It is the salty scent of the ocean; it is the sweet aroma of exotic flowers and it is the unmistakably piquant scent of female desire. I lost any remaining sense of control I had as her scent embraces my rational mind and toyed with it causing me to sink into an erotic haze. As her passion continues to reel me in I have no choice but to lodge my swollen throbbing cockhead in the lips at the threshold of her feminine canal.
    Her pussy looks like a baby bird with its mouth agape screaming in anguish to accept nourishment. There at the opening of her pussy the sensitive tip of my cock felt the welcome touch of the mouth of her vagina. I fought to keep from being drawn into her too fast as I wanted the relish the imminence of penetration. I lingered at her opening, allowing her pussy lips to kiss and suckle the head of my cock. As her lips were wrapped around the turgid tip of my manhood, my cock rewarded them with a sweet taste of my pre cum. My precum mixed with her own feminine honey covered the head of my throbbing stalk; I was covered in love lubricant, enough to insure that its journey into her would be effortless and blissfully sweet.
    Then with my breath coming in staccato gulps I pushed into her, parting her vaginal opening and slidding past the gateway to her secret place. As I slid into her she squealed as the invasion of my cock stirred exquisite sensations inside her passion engorged pussy. I slowly pushed into her until her vagina had swallowed the length of me. When I hit bottom she shuddered and groaned in sweet anguish.
    I almost lost consciousness as the walls of her pussy gently caressed my stiffened stalk inside of her; as she held me sensations of peace, adoration, and desire washed over me.
    Savoring the sensation of being engulfed by her I held still in the sweet grasp of her cunt. I was overwhelmed by erotic desire. I lost control of my body. Silently and wordlessly her pussy told my penis what to do. I surrendered to her silent demands. My head began to hear the rythmic pounding of sensual drums. The pounding consumed me. I had no choice but to give into the rhythm that reverberated through me. Soon my cock followed the throbbing beat and I began to dance a dance that is as old as time. As my pelvis rose and fell I thrust my cock into her in a rhythmic dance of lust she writhed underneath me sucking on my cock with the hungry grip of her pussy. I penetrated her and withdrew and sank back into her again and again, pushing her closer and closer to the abyss of orgasm with each thrust.
    With each parry of my flesh sword in her sodden sheath, I elicited moans of growing orgasmic tension from her. As I pierced her pussy repeatedly, she grabbed the sheets in her fists and groaned “oh my god . . . . fuck ….what are you doing to me?” I could see the pending orgasm filling her body, as she jerked in an attempt to thrust against me. But her mounting ecstasy had robbed her of coordination and control; she was now a receptacle for the steaming contents of my balls. The rapture that had control of me was now filling her, displacing any other feeling in her. All that she could feel was the burning pleasure of my penis rubbing the inside of her cunt. It was taking control of her. It started as a smoldering ember deep inside her pussy but now it was an incendiary blaze that consumed her entire body and her consciousness.
    She began to push against me in an erratic staccato effort to grind her burning pussy against me; her vagina gripping my penis in a desperate attempt to milk my liquid from me. I continued to thrust into her, penetrate her and grind against her. There was desperation in my thrusts as well, a need to seize pleasure from her and give her pleasure at the same time.
    As I knew her orgasm was imminent I held her face in my hands and softly said to her: “look at me, look into my eyes; I want to see your face as you cum”. With a look that displayed panic, fear, anguish, pure joy, bliss and confusion she looked into my eyes”. Her expression was so erotic it steeled my penis to the consistency of an iron rod. I continued to relentlessly penetrate her and thrust in and out of her as our eyes locked. Then I slowed and delicately teased her holding my cock in the honey coated silken folds of her pussy lips. I then resumed penetrating her and grinding against her pussy which was oozing her love nectar at this point.
    Her eyes opened wide as the orgasm ignited her vagina and tore into her. She was being consumed by the sweet fire of orgasmic release. Her back arched and her body stiffened as the orgasm forced her vagina to convulse and spasm as agonizing rapture transported her to place that only a woman in surrender to orgasm can know.
    She looked into my eyes in the confused anguish of orgasmic euphoria. As her pussy quivered and contracted the panic in her face transformed to a look of satisfied ecstasy as the orgasm filled her up. She shook, trembled and twisted as she sang the sweet song of feminine orgasm. The orgasm grabbed her pussy, it hardened her nipples and it forced her mouth open in a tortured grimace. The orgasm held her most sensitive female parts and was squeezing them hard, wringing absolute pleasure from them. She squealed as her anus contracted in wild counterpoint to each orgasmic convulsion that squeezed her vagina. At the same time the sweet lips of the orgasm were suckling her clit causing divine waves of rapture to surge into her brain.
    It was more than I could resist. It was impossible to hold back any longer. As if I was a classical guitar, the fingers of her desire found the strings of my male guitar. Her desire began to pluck my strings in increasing cadence and intensity; I could feel the sweet tension building. The music I heard and felt inside me told me that orgasm was imminent. The pace of the vibrations that were reverberating throughout my body increased until there was no space between the blissful notes.
    The sensation made me writhe in anguished need for relief. Then as the pleasure seemed to be teetering on that discreet threshold between agony and bliss, the fingers strummed a series of chords in me that set me off. The vibrations of my orgasmic instrument released the pleasure into me; my body filled with sensations that have no description. As I gasped my body reached its limits of how much pleasure I could hold.
    Then in an agonizing millisecond my orgasm burst open and unleashed my torrent of liquid love. When it let go in that moment, the flood of my cum sought the sweet path of release into her; it flowed determinedly over her fingers with ferocity as if they were insignificant pebbles in a mountain stream. In a hot rush to its destiny, the liquid testimonial of my passion streamed from my cock slit. It poured from me and gushed deep into the wetted sheath that held my lurching – pumping cock in a series of hard convulsive spasms. The pleasure I felt was pervasive, it caused me to sing my own resonant song for her as my body stiffened in ecstasy. I emptied fully into her vagina, as her pussy greedily sucked its prize from me in the last spasms of her own bliss.
    Her desire then released its hold on my cock having completed its task, collecting my semen. I collapsed onto her. She kissed me tenderly and whispered in my ear in a hot breath … thank you. I sighed and kissed her in return as my sloppy love softened penis popped out of her inflamed and sodden vagina. My creamy spendings drooled from her redddened pussy lips, just as wine drools from the mouth of a lush.
    It was over for now. But I know that soon we will again lay in each other’s arms and her sexual heat will again seek me out and inflame me to fill her again.

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