• Mental trampolines and smoke rings in my mind

    )Warning: the first part of this is sort of dry. The last three paragraphs are the ones things get deeper and more interesting.(
    I've had two sessions since I got my first additions to my Aneros collection. I've used both in the same pattern as it turns out. I got the two set of Peridise and have used the larger one to begin and end each session. I've used the Helix in the middle. The results have been astounding.
    I think the Peridise works well for me in warming things up without going over the top, then returning to it when it's real easier for me to get pleasure from more subtle stimulation.
    The Helix feels a little different than my MGX. There's pressure in slightly different spots. I can't tell if anything is particularly different when I'm in the heat dry O's and super O's. It's certainly not keeping me from enjoying myself that's for sure.
    Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised from the start at the subtle feeling of pleasure when putting the Peridise in. I move things around inside for a while, but don't quite make it to dry O's during the initial use.
    Things get more interesting when I start in on the Helix. The first night I eventually got what was up to that point the most overwhelming super O's I'd had. I would have involuntaries and writhe around more as the things would go on. They'd last a minute or three. I was spent by the time I was done. That was a first. Usually things just die down, but this time I'd had my fill and then some. Putting the Peridise back in at the end was icing on the cake. I was still getting dry O's with it in and I finished with a very satisfying T.
    Tonight started much the same. A decent warmup with the Peridise, but I actually got a dry O or two by the end this time. It was a sign of what was to come.
    It didn't take very long into the Helix portion of the session to begin getting a super O. I don't know how long things went on, but I had a series of the strongest super O's I'd had yet. I imagine one of them lasted over 5 minutes, a first for me. The sensations just wouldn't go away. There were brief dips in the pleasure, but it was there the whole time.
    The tone of the session changed when I finally started to feel like I needed a break. I like to explore during my sessions to see what strange and new sensations I can experience. This time it was like I was searching around in my mind amidst the aftershocks from the tumultuous Helix session so far. I began to relax and stay very still. Eventually I got caught up in waves that seemed to envelop most of my body and my mind. I could feel a slow pulse in the midsection of my body. I can't say it was pleasure as much as contentment that I felt. It was very strange and very satisfying.
    As the sensation would pass through my head on its way seemingly out of my body it was like a smoke ring was encompassing my mind as it exited. At some point my mental focus got caught up in a pulse from my midsection and it seemed to amplify. After this happened a couple more times I was on my way to another dry O; a dry O with no external physical motion from me, not even any conscious effort to contract my PC muscles or anus. It was one of those "this is beautiful" moments. I was enveloped in pleasure merely from my mind. I caught a pulse and trampolined to orgasm.
    I'm not a spiritual man, at least not anymore. I haven't investigated yoga to see what it's all about either, but it has me more curious with what I experiences tonight and what little I've read. The human mind is such a wonderfully complicated thing. It really fascinates me and tonight's experience just reinforces that. There are certainly ways to tap into uncharted areas of one's mind and Aneros has definitely helped me start in on a hugely exciting path. Onward…

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