• Mental imagery : Aneros session for July 23

    Hi guys,

    Earlier today in the 7 o’clock hour I had a thirty minute session with two of my most favorite Aneros models: Maximus Classic and Helix Syn Classic. It was my first session in ten days and marks my full recovery a nasty food illness Saturday a week ago.

    Aneros user, divine_oblivion has a provocative thread on Aneros Forum entitled Mental Imagery. It is essentially what images or thoughts that causes you to have great Aneros sessions. In recent years, certainly after my Aneros breakthroughs with Super-O’s and MMO’s mid September 2016, my perineum that area between the base of my ball sack and my anus is a major sweet spot besides my Glans and my frenulear delta underneath my Glans. Like many baby boomer neonatals, I am circumcised and my frenulum was excised.

    My perineum has been stimulated time and time through numerous Aneros sessions since my very first one which occurred on June 3, 2012. The P-tab on my Aneros devices rubbed back and forth across my perineum. Plus being a major jockstrap and athletic cup aficionado, the leg straps of my jockstraps and cup jock holders cover my perineum. Also my BIKE banana cups also stimulate this area.

    So my mental imagery is focused upon my perineum. Some months ago I was reflecting upon the anatomy of my perineum. Guys cannot see it but they can feel it for sure. Just beneath a guy’s perineum is his cock root and very close by is his prostate. Guys who have had this vital area exercised by the Aneros and certainly continue for Aneros sessions know for sure that their perineums are source of erotic delight, one that is alive from their cock roots and prostates. They feel it so wonderfully during their Aneros sessions, but they can tapped this erotic delight in their Aless. During Aless I enjoy Kegeling and diddling my nipples, especially at night in bed while wearing my trusty jocks and cups! 🙂


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      07/24/2019at2:14 pm

      Hi @BigGlansDC!

      When I was a kid and all the way to most recently, I was inadvertently reaching for my cock whenever I had a chance. This would give me light but good sensations. These days, the junk is almost forgotten and it’s the perineum I reach for. Sitting, walking or driving, I reach for that sweet area and stroke it sideways, up and down and push in deep from the edge of the anus to a little forward of it and the sensations are out of this world. It took several months of working on that area to develop the results I currently enjoy.

      Sometimes, in addition, the fingers on my other hand are reaching and stroking on the divot hole just above my penis for additional sensations and the results are beyond description.

      I don’t know if I will ever reach an orgasm this way but the journey itself is worth it. I guess it’s what they describe as external prostate massages.

      Take care. I will answer your email as soon as I get a chance.

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