• Meh!

    [I]Stagnation or learning?[/I] Since the leap forward last weekend, I'm seeming to get diminishing results from each session.
    Those with the Aneros devices are less satisfactory. I'm not even getting mini-Os now, but the pleasant feeling of the peristaltic movement of the device is greatly magnified. There are still no other involuntary movements.
    I haven't had a mini-O from a "less" session for a couple of days, but there are hints of promise in what happens in them. The sensations are subtler and more diffuse. I got very light headed in the last one.
    Whilst the sessions are far from duds, they're not as fulfilling as they were several days ago. Perhaps I'm tired. Perhaps my body is going through a learning phase. Perhaps I'm trying too hard and too often. Perhaps it's the calm before a storm.
    Who knows? I certainly don't. I think I'll give it a rest over this coming weekend, get some quality sleep, and come back fresh.

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