• Maximus . . . Optimus

    braveneworld's review and endorsement of the maximus classic (https://community.aneros.com/forum/discussion/16763/progasm-jr-vs-maximus#Item_2) convinced me to buy one. As I imagined, the maximus and MGX have a lot in common because of their similar shapes. Both have an assertive presence; I can't forget either of them is in there. The main difference I feel is the MGX is more insistent. It demands attention in a way the maximus doesn't. braveneworld succinctly described it with the phrase “hugs you inside and out.”
    I 've been using the maximus almost exclusively since receiving it. I've had fewer dud sessions than before, and the non-dud ones get cooking faster and get into super-O territory more frequently. Maybe I'm getting more adept at lighting the fuse on my orgasm, and getting the maximus simply coincides with that. Or maybe the maximus is 100% responsible for my increased success. More likely it's some of both.
    Increased success brings increased confidence. I used to see my orgasm as a precious, delicate thing, and I avoided doing anything that might disturb it. Now I find myself more willing to try flexing internal muscles during the incipient or in-progress orgasm. An inept squeeze might ruin everything, but it's never more than a temporary disappointment. I still don't have an orgasm cheatcode, but the first levels of the game are familiar.
    The maximus has brought my cock into the game in a strong way. The thumping pulse of blood in my erection transmits through the base of my penis to the maximus, and then radiates to everything the maximus touches. A seocnd thump gets added from somewhere, ?almost like an echo. It's always out of phase with the heartbeat, and its strength varies. Perhaps a muscle somewhere is twitching in response to the transmitted heartbeat. The maximus jumps around like a kid in a bounce house.
    tl;dr: Maximus classic is a fine product.

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