• Maximus and Progasm: Aneros Session for Saturday 29, 2012

    Over the years, especially since getting my apartment here in Georgetown, I have found Saturdays to be the best time for sexual explorations. So this morning, Saturday, I rose around 5:30 a.m. I hopped on the Internet and had my breakfast with coffee. While having my breakfast, I spent maybe a good 30 minutes Kegeling and bating to some gay pornographic stories on nifty.org to prime myself for the session.
    This morning, I began with the Progasm. I spent a good fifteen minutes with my new, big buddy. Again, he didn't slip in easily as I hoped, so I laid on my side just trying to get used to him and doing some Kegels with him.
    After a brief intermission, I returned with the Maximus. This guy didn't slip in as well as I liked, but he gave me a fairly good prostate massage for possibly fifteen minutes when peristalsis set in. So after another brief break, I returned again with the Progasm. This time, I just laid on my side to get used to my new buddy, again doing some Kegels with him. It went a little better with him this time.
    Finally I returned again with the Maximus. This time I patiently inserted him to the hilt. My Kegels situated him well against my prostate. That is when my session today really took off as the Maximus really autof***ed the hell of my prostate and my anal canal. I was absolutely absorbed in the sensations of sheer pleasure that the Maximus delivered for me. This went on for a good hour. The session ended at 9 a.m. after a good two hours.
    Reflections and Afterglow:
    After the session ended, I took a quick bath to clean up. I quickly dressed for the day. I had a couple bills to pay. Somehow I felt that I had come away from some wild, thoroughly satisfying sex. Both my prostate and anal canal were thoroughly massaged. There was that buzz "down there"! My penis certainly felt good and wanted to get on into the act! I walked to the streets of Georgetown briskly, first to mail a couple letters at the post office, then to have some breakfast at Subway, and finally to do some grocery shopping before returning home. I even had several chairgasms at Subway 🙂 But when I returned home, I masturbated some all the while focusing upon mini P-waves in my prostate. The good feelings even continue as I compose this blog entry late Saturday afternoon. Also I notice that now the Kegels work in tandem with the buzz of mini P-waves in my prostate outside on my Aneros sessions. It all feels so GOOD!!!
    Another result of my Aneros sessions has been their affect upon my penis. Many morning I wake up with throbbing morning erections. The Aneros actually has reacquainted me with my penis. My penis has firmer erections now. What I enjoy especially when my penis is at half mast. At such times, he's bloated and my glans is certainly knobby, oozing precum. But I like to do is when I stroke my buddy, I like him to feel a vital connection to the prostate. He likes that as much as I do. But even more, just looking at my procreative organ and his two buds is that they are truly connected to such an essential organ as the prostate. My cock and balls share this admiration with me. Finally when I aneros, I like to stimulate or tweak my nipples. My glans penis, penile shaft, and prostate love this vital connection with my nipples. Now I can stimulate my nipples outside my Aneros session and fuel the fire "down there." When I do that, it feels so good, even when I do such stimulation discretely in a public place!
    In closing, the Maximus has indeed has become my main man, a very good buddy, and an excellent teacher in my Aneros sessions. But I am still fond of my Helix Syn. I'll continue to include him in on the fun in future sessions. Also for now on, I'll spend some quality time with my Progasm Classic. With lots of patience, I am sure my Progasm and I will warm up to each other and become really good buddies soon enough!

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