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    Ok, my third session earlier this morning. Learning how to contract to get best feelings. Felt very good, but after 45 mins just had to stroke myself. Edging for abot 30 mins and easing up as I neared orgasm. Suddenly felt a rhythmic contraction and spasms that had me thinking I was nearing the super O. Faded and returned a few times. Running out of time, so stroked to an amazing orgasm that lasted much longer and squirted a gigantic load of cum. Still learning


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      11/14/2014at6:47 am

      I started the evening with the intention of just having a good time and to sleep with my Progasm Ice. So, I lubed up extra with Vasoline and KY. As I inserted my prostate signaled tonight would be very different. I relaxed and started my routine on my side. Slowly my hips began to gyrate and I could feel the tip gently touching my P-spot. I just let it slide back and forth and my hips slowing started picking up speed involuntarily. The P-waves started generating liberal moans as I would contract my sphincter muscle. Then my first dry orgasm hit rolling and rolling over by entire body. I'm shaking, and laughing, and bucking in bed.
      I recovered and slowed the pace only to have my hips take over again. I decided lets go for broke let the Progasm take me where ever it wants to go. I built up slowly again to three additional dry orgasms each greater than the last. By now my legs, cock, chest, and anus are tingling and a title wave of a wet orgasm jetted all over my chest. I'm so exhilarated, yet relaxed, and tired I tried to slow down but the P-waves kept Cumming, and Cumming and I experience yet one more wet orgasm.
      I had to stop and record this, as I sit here I'm still moving. Has anyone out there experienced this magnitude of bliss? Believe it or not I'm headed back to see if I can go farther. What a night to remember. Thanks Aneros!

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      07/18/2016at4:07 pm

      Congratulations! You are well on your way! It’s the experience of a lifetime!
      Yes, you are in good company! My first night with a prostate massager started at 11pm and didn’t finish until I was completely and entirely exhausted at 6am…it was a thrilling and unexpected seven hours of full body contractions and wet and dry orgasms! I felt that stopping wasn’t an option…so I didn’t! I was very sore all that day afterwards, but it was the only time I ever allowed it to go that long!

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