• Mapping Orgasmic Energies and Energies Exchanges

    For me solo, and for the fabulous journey together with my dear wife, the patient wonderful "mrs. a", this past four years with Aneros/KSMO/Tao have expanded the range and depth of our relationship and its intimate possibilities beyond anything we imagined when we began our "mutual prostates (G-spots) practice" back then when we bought my first aneros (MGX) together, along with vids and books on anal play and female orgasmic ejaculation, and her dildo and related items.
    I have met so many other great guys here who are also trying and finding ways to include their love partner relationship and sexual practices/experiences potential closer together in the 45 to 100+ age group. For many of us, we have found the most effective, enhancing and astounding added practice/experience to be [B]opening to the orgasmic energies, separated from ejaculation feelings completely, opening to a much wider range of energies including the spiritual!!![/B] The key fork in the road of the aneros journey, IMHO, in finding and opening this energies focused path is finding/rewiring a switchable intent/intuition to be able to choose between:
    1. the full-body, [B]active-body[/B], "laughter and tears" Major Dry O (Super-O for many) response pattern, or
    2. the full-body, [B]still-body[/B], "above and beyond (Super-O)", Calm Seas-O, "floating bliss", energies everywhere response pattern.
    Being able to naturally, by gentlest intent, enter the energies of all types everywhere state, at will, anytime, is one of the most humbling, gratifying, ecstatic and sharable gifts that any man could possibly receive in a whole lifetime. [B]YES!, able to be shared; without diminishing; even mutually amplifying each others' initial levels without loss!![/B] This is something that works solo, coupled, physically connected, or over great distances, or in larger groups. This is something that men here are sharing together regardless of their sexual orientation, because the orgasmic energies we focus on initially here can easily jump us up and down to various levels in the full energies spectrum out-there/in-there. The felt gender differences of physical contact are virtually meaningless in these at-a-distance energies exchanges/amplifications.
    So, I feel the need to reflect and try to describe the ways one can move into this universal/multiversal realm and live through/into these transformative, transmutational and transcendent body/mind/spirit whole-being life. If you can do the key switch above you are on your way. If yoiu have any questions about finding/getting that switch to work, PM me here.
    Next posts will deal with solo, couples physical, couples non-contact, exchanges-at-a-distance, and the mens' exchanges experiences here and how to get there if you like. Until next post, all the very best heading for the ecstatic energetic realms and their astounding potentials all!

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