• Making use of Knowledge

    Continuing the progress of the past weeks….As I have mentioned before the school holidays are somewhat hampering the opportunities to have Aneros sessions so to fill the time I have been emersing myself in the blogs, forums and Wiki that are available here. Going back to read blogs from the start of someone else’s journey, you can learn so much. There is a wealth of knowledge and information available on this website and so much to learn in terms of technique and feelings etc.
    I have been fortunate that I did find the super-o fairly early one (in my third session) but since then, they are definitely changing, increasing in intestity and length as well as bringing even more new feelings.
    It was two weeks between sessions, and when the opportunities have arisen, they have been in the morning. One advantage of the school holidays is that on occasion I can get a lie-in after the wife has gone to work. Even though I have had a two week gap in using my Progasm, my prostrate is alive and receptive as ever, especially as I have put to use some of the knowledge that I have gained.
    One ambition is to try and achieve a super-t by means of a hands free ejeculaion. By reading info on both blogs and the Wiki, I’m kind of getting there. I’ve not achieved yet, but it’s fun trying !

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