• Main Quake and Hundreds of Aftershocks

    The epicenter was about seven inches south of my navel and a few inches below the surface. The shock waves radiated out through my whole body – all the way to the extremities, fingers, toes, neck, head. The trembler measured well above 10 on the Richter Scale. The main quake lasted for more than 45 minutes and caused widespread "damage."
    The most intriguing result of the quake was the parallel shockwaves that ran up my hardened penis several times during the Super Os shaking. It felt like a pipeline of pleasure building and building – all the way to the tip. The head of my cock and the opening at the tip were glowing with electric energy. It was a sensation so strong and pleasurable, I just about passed out – from shock.
    That seismic wave happened four or five times – I lost count. I've only felt that sensation once before, and not nearly as powerfully as this time or with so many repetitions. It was like a soda bottle that had been shaken – the cap was yielding to the pressure and was about to explode. But it didn't. The energy journeyed to every pleasure center on my body. This happened several times within a ten minute period.
    The shockwaves finally subsided and I was exhausted. Residual pleasure hung around for a long time. A LONG TIME.
    I went about my day with a remarkable set of sensory memories.
    Bedtime came and the aftershocks hit with a vengeance! I was awakened dozens of times throughout the night with P Waves, Dry Os, and some sweet Super Os. Precum was leaking all over. But, strangely, even with the "interrupted" sleep, I woke refreshed and energized.
    That devilish device, the Helix Syn, drove a wedge in my fault system and sent seismic waves around the world and back again, sending me to Richter Bliss.
    Oh my!!

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