• Lying on my Right Side, with a Variation

    Hi guys,
    I am so glad that I have discovered as one of my now preferred Aneros positions, Lying on my Right Side in the Fetal Position. It is a position that is preferred by many Anerosers. For me, it is my preferred position for sleeping. Hence I will use this position in a month or so when the weather here warms up for wearing my Aneros models to bed. Quite a few Aneros guys have reported that they have experienced their first Super-O's in this position at night.
    Lying on your right )or left( side in the fetal position is certainly a passive position in contrast to the other positions that I described in my previous blog entry. In this position, you can do almost nothing except breathe lightly and shallowly and let the Aneros sensations develop naturally. I have been absolutely amazed what I have experienced so far in this position. Mostly exquisite sweet, autof**k action from all my Aneros tools, most particularly Maximus and Progasm Classic which previously have delivered a really rugged, at times an uncomfortable ride. Now both Maximus and Progasm Classic are sweet, tender lovers of my anal musculature and prostate. I have never experienced this kind of loving in the eighteen months I have Anerosed, until now!
    Also this morning, I used exclusively this position. Eupho Syn, Progasm ICE, and Tempo also performed admirably. But I believe that Tempo works the best sitting with him inserted, even standing, or walking which I hope to try very soon for a brief stroll in my immediate neighborhood.
    When I am lying on my right side in the fetal position, both my legs are hooked together in the image of me sitting in a chair. But yesterday afternoon in the Forum, Aneros member ineverknew suggested that I lie on my right side with my right leg straight down and my left leg hooked. This variation produces an even more direct penetration from my Aneros tools. Wow, what new, sweet, and exquisite pleasure this produced!
    Right now I am composed this blog entry while experiencing an awesome Aneros afterglow. For me, savoring my Aneros afterglows helps me to integrate Anerosing at a real deep level and whets my appetite for more Aneros sessions!
    Take care.

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