• Long time since my last entry

    Been a very long time since my last entry. Some really good some really bad.

    I have been going through lots of stress at work for the last 2 months so my sessions have been lacking explosiveness and full body involvement for the most part but felt good none the less. It didn’t matter if I was joined with Miss Helix, her best friend Miss Mgx or my boy Progasm Jr. I did take some solace in feeling Jr snuggled up against me, filling me and sometimes making slow love to me even if there was not much in the way of pleasurable sensations. Miss Helix didn’t really want to play in my current state but Miss mgx tried like hell to make me feel better.

    I ended up loosing my job 2 weeks ago and had to get another but once this happened almost all the stress I had been under dissipated. A few days later after loosing my job I joined up with Jr, he gave me a night full of wonderful full body orgasms for several hours. My head swimming in bliss, my body tingling like a vibrator and my cock straining for release that never happened even though it felt like I had cum a gallon but not a drop came out. I was relived to return back to this place of intense pleasure that I hadn’t been able to reach for what seemed like decades.

    Earlier this week I got back together w/ Miss Mgx, she & I have been spending more time together the past several weeks. This night she wanted to party and wasn’t going to take NO for an answer! After some small talk and a bit of banter she literally rode me for 1.5 hours. I ultimately ended up having to take her home as she wouldn’t let me go to sleep. Just one more orgasm she kept whispering, let me give you just one more orgasm. Every time she slowed down her thrusting into me she reached up and tickled my prostate again lifting me back into oblivion. She was literally gliding in and out so slowly, thrusting every second, I could feel my insides moving in concert. I have not felt things like this or been ridden like this before. My body was making mad passionate love to me like a lost lover reconnected. Slow and sensual she was reaching all the deep untouched places, freely giving pleasure without expecting any in return. I didn’t want it to come to an end but I knew I had things to do in the morning so with great reluctance I dismounted from her. I felt empty and longing for more.

    Well I finally made the decision to get a nice shiny bit of bling for myself. I purchased a gear essentials titan .4″ x 2″ polished cock ring. I have been using a 1 7/8″ nitrile cock ring for a while and really like it but found after extended wear it was starting to dig in leaving marks so I jumped ship to join the big boys. I up sized knowing the width would make a difference. I was so excited to get it I cleaned up all around making my cock & balls baby butt smooth It made me look so sexy, my cock proudly standing out, my balls, taint and anus smooth and lickable. I opened the mailing box and was presented with a really nice round tin with the company emblem on the cover. The inside of the tin is foam lined to prevent damage to the surface of the ring. There presented before me was this classically elegant, simple, highly mirror polished stainless steel ring that is about 3/8″ wide. I immediately went to put it on giving it a quick wash first. Having had lots of practice already I slipped into my new bling in about 15 seconds if that long. Once on and positioned to my liking and thinking how sexy it looked in the mirror I got this raging hard on that strained against the cold steel ring surrounding me. Moments later my prostate started to buzz and my anus started to pulse in/out begging, no screaming for me to join with one of my lovers but alas I couldn’t as I had things to do. Perhaps tomorrow? ;>)

    I figured since I had up sized I should be fine for a wear over night, but I was wrong. I was woken up around 4 something to a screaming hard on begging for attention so I stroked a bit like I had done several times before when wearing my other cock ring, however Jack wanted more. He wouldn’t go back to sleep so I did the only thing I could think of, and no I didn’t rub one out, I have been on a sr hold for a few weeks now (my balls ache so bad wanting release but I keep refusing and damn I think they keep getting bigger) I grabbed hold of Jack and slowly pushed him down towards my ass while relaxing giving him no choice but to deflate so I could remove my ring. Once the ring was off Jack sprang back to life in full glory, just as hard and achy begging for attention but I was now able to ignore him as I was no longer concerned about being cock locked. I never had that happen with the smaller nitrile ring that I know has some stretch to it but not that much. So in saying that I think I am going to get another one of the titans, the .2″ x 2 1/8″ that extra size should keep me from getting locked and allow me to wear all the time, plus I can stack the .4″ in front during the day for that little extra something since I like to wear my cock rings high & tight to my body. I really enjoy the feel of wearing my cock rings, having my package pushed up and out for display. I think it looks so hot seeing it in the mirror, that shiny piece of jewelry displaying my pride and joy much like a necklace or bracelet given to a lover. Maybe my wife will see it some day, if she ever decides to want to do something, same with my other lovers but till that day I will keep enjoying my own personal pleasure team.

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