• Long Overdue Aneros Session, Saturday Afternoon, August 25, 2012

    Hi guys,
    Saturday afternoon two weeks ago on August 11, I had an Aneros session which didn't go as well as I had hoped to. Once again I used the Maximus, but it slipped out of my butt several times. After an hour or so of futile tries, I tried my Helix Syn which worked fine. It gave my prostate a wonderful workout without trying! That went on for about 90 minutes. Then after a brief intermission I tried the Maximus again. This time I couldn't hardly slip it in without a tinge of pain. Again it kept slipping out. My session bordered on pain and so I had to bring it an end.
    I brought my difficulties with the Maximus to the attention of guys at the Aneros Forum. Several head honchos there told me that the Maximus is not balanced correctly, so it has a tendency to slip out easily through peristalsis.
    Thus I had to take some time away from the Aneros to work through my disappointment. Some things intervened in the meantime, hence my hiatus stretched out two few weeks. However there were subtle P-waves which lingered in my prostate and groin during these two weeks away from the Aneros.
    So I devoted most of today to getting myself psyched up for an Aneros session. It was very much on my mind earlier today. In fact, I was horny for it. In a sense, I was engaging in some subtle and hidden foreplay most of today.
    I began this afternoon's session with the Maximus. Again it slipped out a couple times. The Maximus because of its girth and length really stretched my butthole. After 30 minutes with the Maximus, I slipped over to the Helix Syn. The Helix Syn accommodates me much better than the Maximus. The Helix Syn has a silicone overlay which makes for easier insertion and a more velvety, more smooth prostate massage. I rode the Helix Syn for a good 75 minutes during which I experienced series of P-waves galore, lots of mini-O's all the while focusing upon the Helix Syn massaging my prostate, feeling both my penis and glans engorge with desire! I felt lots of abundant pleasure, hardly any pain.
    After finishing with the Helix Syn and a brief intermission, I lubed up my butthole again and cleansed and relubed my Maximus. This time it slipped fairly easily with some discomfort. I spent several minutes on my side accommodating my anus to the Maximus before positioning myself on my back with my butt on a pillow. This time I rode my Maximus for a good 30 minutes. The Maximus gave my prostate a more powerful massage during which I lost myself again in many series of P-waves, mini-O's, and pleasure in both my penis and glans. Again I focused on my Maximus massaging my prostate. The pain and discomfort went away, replaced by pleasure in my prostate and groin.
    Pretty much during my whole session tonight with both the Maximus and Helix Syn I kept playing with my nipples which added fuel to the fire in my prostate and groin. The Aneros Wiki states that a guy's nipples are hardwired to his prostate and his penis (specifically his glans!)
    Now there is that afterglow of my anus stretched wide. My anus and my butthole feel that they have been exercised! My prostate has been massaged too! Right now I am reveling in this afterglow. I expect not only that electric buzz "down there" but also chairgasms, bedgasms, even walkinggasms! I experienced all this after an Aneros session Thursday two weeks ago. It felt oh so good!!!
    Aneros.com has stated in its advertisements for both the Maximus and Progasm that they are for more advanced, experienced users of the Aneros whose anal muscles are trained for such larger models of the Aneros. The Kegel Exercises are quite helpful for toning your anal muscles. And so I will be doing the Kegels in the days and weeks to come again. I refer you all to a document on the Aneros and the Kegel Exercises which may be helpful. (See: http://www.enempo.com/mm017.asp?pageno=200) That is what I did somewhat tonight with the Maximus, for my session with the Maximus went so much better.
    Another thought occurred to me during my session tonight. I believe that Aneros.com should make a Maximus model overlaid with silicone. What do you all think?

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