• long layoff and transitioning

    As seems to be the case for me since I started this journey is finding the time and the privacy to be able to relax and enjoy. It has been four weeks since my last session, lost a week to a nasty virus and then it took three weeks before i had the house to myself with three hours alone. Started with the helix synn same as usual things started out nice got relaxed got some good prostate pulsing going and things calmed down. Rolled over on my back and started with nipple stim and slight touching of the tip of my cock like I have been doing. Things got going good like usual and my prostate swelled and pumped and a pool of ejaculate came out of my soft cock. Instead of getting up like in the past i layed there and relaxed and was still getting some nice feelings. I stuck my finger in the pool of cum and rubbed some on the tip of my cock on the under side. I started to get hard and began nipple stim and light touching of my cock tip again. Got up to a full erection and felt like I was going to cum again and then had a incredible anal dry orgasm 10-15 hard contractions like I have never felt before. It could of possible gone on longer but i think i stopped it by being so supprised. Two days later had another window of time Used my high island health model PS New supposed to be good for taller men, slightly longer. Similar results as last time. although the build up was much longer, did not touch the cock this time only nipple stim. My legs where lightly trembling and abdomen shivering for about twenty minutes with waves of prostate pulsing that would come and go but no orgasm. I did not want to lay there and shiver for an hour so i started with the light stimulation of only the tip of the underside of my cock again along with nipple stim. The wave started immediatly cock started getting hard and the feeling of ejaculation started to build, my prostate pulsed 3 or 4 times and released a pool of semen but not in spurts like a normal cum, then I went immediatly into a incredible anal dry orgasm I was making breathing and moaning noises like i have never done before my ass was convulsing and it felt like the Aneros spun around a few times (but i know it did not) I did not think it was going to stop and my anal muscles got fatigued. I had a tear running out of my eyes from them watering. I have no idea what is going on but I think i might be transitioning. I am still getting a release of what appears to be excess cum and then going into a dry anal orgasm. At least that is what I think is going on or I am having some other major form of traditional orgasm like I have never experienced before. Looks like I will have another opportunity later this week to try again. The goal will be to go hands free for as long as possible and hopefully I will cross over to the other side. If not i am sure it will be worth it.

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