• Long Journey

    I started this adventure in 2008 Did not go well for me first five years and threw 2 devices away, However i kept getting called back. I think it is official that the last three years have been worth the wait. The last 6 months have been my most rewarding. I now have the time and the patience to relax and enjoy and have learned so many things along the way good and bad. My typical session now is 45 mins to a hour, i can have up to 3 pleasurable events during that time. mini o’s, o’s, maybe super o’s not sure how to label but i have learned it does not matter it all feels good. i can end every session with a very pleasurable HFWO if i want to and usually do about every two weeks. I have not had to touch my cock to come in months but i did the other day just for old times sake. Still felt good by the way. I am also now having great success with a-less sessions wich are great if you have limited time or privacy issues. Today i was feeling the urge but had to leave in about 30 mins. i had to get changed to go out so i decided to lay on the bed naked and give it a try. the room was warm but the ac was on and the ceiling fan was blowing just right stimulating my skin and genital area. I have developed good nipple stimulation techniques and with in minutes the pleasure was building. today was a little different though i was having very quick but strong uncontrollable contractions or twitches like a orgasmic contraction but only one at a time and spaced out every ten seconds or so. My cock got very hard but I did not feel like i was going to cum. The spasms kept happening short and quick hard to explain. I new I was short on time so I think that was in the back of my mind. had to stop but I have to say was probably one of the most unusual and enjoyable sessions to date. No tsure if I was on to something that could have been even more amazing if I had had the time to continue, but I guess that is what will get me back the next time. This is definitly a mind set and once you can realize that and enjoy whats happening it all seems easy. so glad I had the desire to keep at it for so long, I think the best is yet to Cum.


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      07/17/2019at10:31 am

      Awesome. The best part is all the pleasure experienced on the way to the super o. It took me a while to get my penis out of my sessions. Even not touching it I was subconsciously involving it and using the traditional orgasm as my guide.

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      07/17/2019at7:02 pm

      Your journey sounds a lot like mine,threw away a progasm and a Device,decided to hang on to the PS-NEW from HIH for health reasons.I was experiencing nothing in pleasure.I had a 13 min other worldly orgasm shortly after I started and I think that was actulaly not a good thing for me ,because it raised my expectations way to high.I now have the ET,MT,950,psnew and the HST which has been a real firecracker so far.I also discovered nipple stim about 2 years ago.I cant explain my journey I just know the pleasure came back out of the blue in spades.

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