• Life is wonderful! ©GGringo

    Hi @alll, Aneros and Aless have become part of every day life. Don’t want to bore anyone with repetitions. That’s why I didn’t add a post lately. I only can recommend, stick to it, it’s so worth it. Have fun!


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      06/04/2018at12:56 pm

      @SOwithoutAneeos, it’s amazing how the entire world of Aneros has taken over almost every aspect of our lives. It’s like when we were teenagers, all we could think of was sex and how we could get more of it.
      Life is truly wonderful (I think I might have said this a few times before). Good vibes to you!

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      06/04/2018at1:02 pm

      This world of Aneros has created a brotherhood community but it’s too bad it’s limited in it’s memberships as society prevents the topic of prostate pleasures to be discussed publicly. I’m just glad I joined, and this better later in life than never hence “life is wonderful”.

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      06/15/2018at5:40 pm

      Affirmative! Thanks for your approval and enriching comments. Should have added a ©GGringo to the headline of my post, sorry, Buddy! 😉

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