• Letting Go

    This morning I didn't have the luxury of time like I have had during previous weekends. I had to be on the road to visit my parents by late morning. Still, it was a fantastic session. I have been trying out the unrefined shea butter the last two days. So far the results are good. I'll have to see about leaving the Peridise in all night with it now. I unintentionally left it in overnight earlier in the week with no trouble, but I'd rather not take a chance with the water base lube.
    I started off this morning with the Peridise as usual and held off touching my nipples for longer. I'd like to see what I can achieve with less nipple involvement. I'll have to see how things progress in the future. Things still felt pretty good in the limited time I had. I had a mini-O or two before getting the nipples involved.
    I've found that I can't easily get into a more meditative state anymore. Things too easily progress to a more powerful state and there seems to be no need at this point. I'll keep it in the back of my head if I run into trouble in the future, but I sort of miss the more relaxing times I've had. I don't miss it nearly enough to trump the super-O's, though.
    Both sessions I've had with the shea butter have been very powerful in that I have very pronounced involuntary movements at times. I don't know if I would have progressed anyway or if the new lube made a difference. During both sessions I had several instances of trying to reach for the sky with my arms and legs. This was sometimes coupled with twisting my legs together. That squeezing of my legs together added a little pleasure in and of itself.
    A couple times I held back enough as the pleasure grew that I got some wild flailing going when the release happened. The spike doesn't last long, but I can do it in the middle of a super-O without interrupting anything. I want to continue to experiment with trying to forestall the release or control the rate of buildup to see what differences there end up being. I want to find ways to keep this interesting.
    The biggest discovery I made started earlier in the week outside of a session. I've found it easier to bring myself to a mini-O through no manual stimulation of my nipples and no Aneros inserted. I'm not exactly sure what muscles I'm using, but I can reliably produce pleasure from the relaxation of what I think are the muscles for my sphincter. I just don't know for sure because it seems so subtle in muscle movement as opposed to amount the pleasure it eventually creates.
    It doesn't feel the same as the p-waves I've had and it sort of creeps up on me. It's there and it steadily grows if I maintain this relaxation. Eventually I'll have to close my eyes and my eyelids will start to flutter. It's not as localized a sensation either. It's more full body pleasure even though very initially I'll notice it near my anus. It may emanate a little toward the back rather than toward the perineum too. Regular p-waves can have a full body effect, but I still notice the localized concentration in the pelvis.
    Using this relaxation technique with the Aneros, and specifically with the Peridise, produces an interesting effect. Without fail my sphincter will try to clench within a few seconds of relaxing and keep doing this every once in a while. It's sort of trippy, I don't know why. There's a tug of war going on, perhaps. Eventually when the pleasure starts to grow I'll hold this relaxation without the involuntary clenching recurring. I can get a mini-O with or without the Aneros, but it's usually stronger with the Peridise. The Helix seems to get in the way of this a little with the stimulation to the prostate going on already. I'll have to keep exploring this relaxation.
    One new experience I had during the meat of the session was with feeling like I was being auto-f**ked. I'm guessing what I experienced was the same phenomenon other people call this. Maybe what I had already experienced with super-O's was already this and today just took it up a level. Anyway, during the super-O today I got to a point where my arms and legs were partially spread out as I lie there in the throes of pleasure. I was at a point where there was no need for me stimulate my nipples to keep the fire stoked. I felt pinned to the bed. All I could do )or needed to do( was take in the pleasure. I've sort of felt this "pinning" before, but it wasn't coupled with an entirely self sustained pleasure. A similar feeling took hold a couple other times, but in a different way. I had involuntary pelvis thrusting going on and it seemed like my body was having its way with me.
    I don't know how long this super-O lasted but I wouldn't have been surprised if it were longer than 30 minutes. Maybe not much longer, but it was a marathon for me. I'll tell you one thing. It was a very relaxing 2 1/2 hour drive to my parents' place after getting cleaned up. Water can't wash away the afterglow.

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