• Let me give you a short look at my last Aless day.

    Waking up I was all horny and some involuntaries started. After my morning wash I did my Qi Gong exercises, naked in front of the open window, with a cool breeze on my skin.
    Then I lay down again with a safety towel folded around my half erect member. Giving in to Aless I had some wonderful dryOs along with p-waves and involuntaries as well as heckling interrupted by little shrieks of pleasure. Finally wild spasms began, throwing myself around, climaxing in a wonderful superO.
    Afterwards I managed to rub out five big drops of clear precum and another two little drops after each of three times of edging up to PONR. It felt quite like ejaculating the precum.
    Driving by car I pictured someones words about “caressing my ballsack for about at least three minutes”. I didn’t touch it but nevertheless I felt the fingers, only visualizing them! DryOs, p-waves, involuntaries lifting my ass from the car seat, heckling and shrieks of pleasure again. This time I shouted out at maximum level. Who cares on the highway? Diamond hard I sometimes thought a handsfree ejaculation could just happen.
    At the office I answered a private message about sexual fantasies while I tried to keep my chairgasms as quiet as possible. Driving home I could let go again on the highway with same experiences as above.
    At home in the kitchen I took a little banana deep throat giving me a hard-on and autofuck involuntaries in seconds. After coffee time and doing some errands we watched Jimmy Fallon on TV. When my SO already had gone upstairs I put my left ankle on my right knee and leaned back on the couch and experienced the next Aless orgasms.
    Something of that happens every day now, dependent on available spare time and space.
    I have no favorite than Aless anymore.
    About once a week or less I chose one Aneros toy out of my bunch, going with my gut, the rest is Aless, quite several times every day lately.
    I recommend to decrease the frequency of using them from time to time.
    Live is wonderful and so unique! Best vibes to all!


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      05/13/2017at1:33 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros your level of pleasure and experience is the envy of so many including myself. One can only dream of what you describe; pure pleasure, on demand with no contraptions or devises. Keep writing as you are an inspiration to read.

    • Avatar for SOwithoutAneros


      05/14/2017at12:12 am

      @GGringo, can’t tell how strongly I wish to share this pleasure. The only way I know is to describe as exactly as possible what I do and what happens with me, hoping that perhaps the one or the other example will work for you, too.
      Lately I discovered that closing and opening my legs, while sitting on a chair, helps me to induce Aless. You may remember, how you did this as a child when you wanted to suppress the urge to pee, because you were totally focused on whatever you just were doing.
      If you move faster and stronger, as if you want to clap with your knees, you can enforce this movement. After some of these movements I just now have only to give in to the first p-waves, to wait a bit, to focus on my lower body and to follow the urge to squirm and writhe, sent out from the gland. I move like a nervous schoolboy, squirming on the seating surface, but only to the orders of some subconscious command.
      The vibes spread out in the abdomen and crawl up my spine until shrieks of pleasure come out of my mouth, similar to a parrot’s cries.
      Palpating my palate with my tongue, holding my head with my hands crossover, stretching, then bowing forward I let the dry orgasms come over me and the urge to jizz climb up my ever so hard member.
      Wide opening my legs, then again stretching, I let the next vibes go up the spine, already thrusting forward with my pelvis, giving in to involuntaries and auto-fuck-motions, interrupted by yawning and full body spasms. My head now lies on my arm, while my legs open and close rhythmically, my breath goes fast and deep and I am in an orgasmic state, slowing down to pause for hovering in a see of bliss, touch-typing what I just felt at the very moment.
      I wish you all the best for your journey.

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      05/25/2017at2:30 pm

      Your blogs are inspiration to me it is almost like you’re in a another dimension I guess you never thought anything like this would happen to you I feel the same too ever since couple months ago when I had my first A less super O it was one of the most mine blowing orgasms I’ve ever felt in my life I would just like to once really really like to have hands-free wet organism is that possible I’ve come so close no cigar
      Thank you for your great blogs SOwithoutAneros

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