• Less is More, More is Less

    Yesterday, I had several hours of free/alone time. I took advantage, of course.
    Got all ready – manscaped, showered, shaved, hair cut )not part of my usual preparation, but nice(, cleaned out, lay myself down on the warm bed. I decided to relax for a bit before inserting. I did. But not for long. My rewired prostate began to tingle and buzz. I knew the -less experience was coming. And come it did! One of the best -less sessions I had enjoyed in a long time.
    I thought, "Who needs to insert?" Well, I was chatting with a fellow Anerosian at the same time and we were going to ride together. I was thinking that I might explode if I inserted my Syn! I overcame my "fear" and gently inserted.
    My pre-readied prostate connected quickly and responded beautifully. Every part of my body was singing.
    “The whole is [MUCH] greater than the sum of its parts.”
    ― Aristotle
    Oh, those Greeks!

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