• Less is more!!

    I was sitting on the couch the other day watching football, when I got the Aneros shivers. You know, sudden pleasurable feeling and shaking as your body's muscle memory reminds you have good this is. The night before my Progasm had taken me to new heights of pleasure for a REAL long time. I felt the warming down below and closed my eyes…
    My Progasm presses against my ass, I need it. My asshole stretches to take the big head in. Pop! Rock hard cock as the big head pops in. Slowly, oh so slowly, feed more and more into my ass until P-tab jolts my perenium awake and precum starts oozing from my cock.
    Oh so full!! Squeeze. Ooooh…. full sized hard pressure on prostate. So nice. Squeeze some more. Drink it in and spread the energy around. Spine is tingling as K-tab goes to work.
    Involuntaries kicking in. Cock jumping and so hard it hurts. Inside pressure–pleasure–is building. Body is tingling. Moaning.
    Bear down hard, force that big head into my needy prostate! Suck the Pro all the way into my wanton ass! Oh, here it and I cum!
    Frozen. Progasm dancing in my ass. Pleasure consuming every inch of my body. Sudden jolt from deep inside. Oh yeah! More! Give it to me!
    Finally start to come down and calm down. Open my eye. Take a deep breath and reality starts to return. My ass cries out to me. Empty, so empty…
    Wait a minute here–Oh yes! Mind over body and so good!

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