• learning the hard way

    Last week I did all the things you are not supposed to do trying to make something happen. It included four sessions in five days, trying different positions, trying different lubes. A all out newbie quest for the big one. Needless to say nothing exciting to report, however i learned from my mistakes. It happened in my last session, I had a bad cold so i took a hot shower and wanted to lay down in bed and rest I felt like crap, so what did i do I decided to put the Helix in before laying down. During my experiments this week I discovered coconut oil and find it do be a very effective lube. Easy to insert for pre lube due to its solid form when cold, just push a piece in and it melts away inside. Lubing the Aneros is a bit tricky but it gets the job done and stays in place. Iwas cold and achey so i just laid down to take a nap not even trying for anything with the aneros. Once I got warm under the covers and I was almost asleep my prostrate warmed up and pulsed a few times. It got my attention but I just wanted to rest. I was nodding off and on and in between was having warm flashes and pulses in the prostrate area every so often. Then the newbie in me started trying to make something happen and things went away. I took a little nap and woke up feeling like i wanted to release from my frustrating week. I grabbed a piece of the coconut oil and presed it on my penis just under the glands and started to let it melt away. I slide the melting piece slowly up and down the underside of my shaft concentrating on the upper half. I started to get hard and the oil was melting nicely. I had had the aneros in for over two hours at this point but i was now concentrating on getting the hardest erection i could. I would contract and push blood into my shaft the aneros pushing from behind, this went on for a while and the cocunut oil also makes a great hand job lube. I finally released with the Aneros pumping and pushing away it felt great and i just laid there for a while covered in cum and coconut oil. So what did i learn from the week. coconut oil is a good alternative natural lube. When they say relax they mean relax! almost like going to sleep. let the feelings build on their own and do not try to manipulate them. (all things I read in the forum but I guess you need to figure it out on your own) I have decide to obstain for four days until thursday and will take my new knowledge to heart. Looking forward to a nice relaxing time that could possibly lead to something more. Will keep you posted thanks for reading

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